December 24, 2014

Love is the answer.

A mural in Austin.

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Tank said...

NJ Christmas Eve weather:

Hey man, take a look out the window 'n' see what's happ'nin'
Hey man, it's rainin'
It's rainin' outside man
Aw, don't worry 'bout that
Everything's gonna be everything
We'll get into somethin' real nice you know
Sit back and groove on a rainy day
Yeah I see what you mean brother, lay back and groove.

Rainy day, dream away
Ah let the sun take a holiday
Flowers bathe an' ah see the children play
Lay back and groove on a rainy day.


And, I actually used the "portal" this year LOL.

Mitch H. said...

Love is the plan, the plan is death.

damikesc said...

Milwaukee has a carve out in their minimum wage increase allowing unionized shops to not have to pay the minimum wage.

I wonder how this is legal in the first place (how can two companies in the same field be demanded to be paid different legal minimum wages based on unionization)?

I also wonder why unions fought to allow THEM to negotiate for wages below the minimum wage.

Louis said...

Love is value. Truth is the connection between loving persons. Beauty is value unobscured. Freedom is the space for love to be. Peace is the payoff.

Laslo Spatula said...

Judging from the photographic evidence, Austin must be suffering a shortage of mural artists with talent.

I am Laslo.

Bob Boyd said...

It looks like the guy on the ground is wearing a Christmas Agave on his head.

MikeB said...

Taken literally, that would be very terse dialog.


rhhardin said...

A clip from Seinfeld turned up on Imus

"Conflict is tbe beauty of marriage. My wife is a saver, a keeper ... I will throw anything out at any time. - Where's the wedding album? - I thought you were done with it. And that was wrong, I admit that now."

Hammond X. Gritzkofe said...

Extra credit assignment for Althouse: discuss Austin and Madison.
..state capitals towns
..more liberal/progressive than surrounds.

Does the lack of employee accountability prevalent in government jobs (that would include public education) correlate to the liberal/progressive attitudes?

Scott said...

I am grateful that my parents did not name me Reince.

(Lather, Reince, Repeat.)

Fernandinande said...

White people (probably) commit campus hate-crime without consequences.

madAsHell said...

It looks like the caped wonder has lost his mind.

n.n said...

Make life, not abortion.

wildswan said...

Mallard Fillmore had a cartoon yesterday in which the main character talks about a new wave of advertising slogans Which. Are. Capitalized.With Periods. In. Between.

Who.Knew?When.We Used.To Criticize.One.Of.Us.Who.Was.Far.In Advance.And.Not.Appreciated.
LIke. Columbis.

JUst,Say.No.Too.Autocorrect (Iam. TRying. FUr. Nwe.Trend. )

n.n said...

Love is a transient emotion.

Intrinsic value is the principle. Individual dignity is the calling. Go forth and reconcile.

David said...

If Love is the Question,
I agree that War is not the Answer.

Joseph Blieu said...

What is this Mural? Did superman kill an unarmed black man?

Scott said...

Love is the Hypothesis.

rhhardin said...

Soemthing there is that doesn't love a mural.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of love, have you all heard of the new Tylenol commercial that features a polygamous family? It's an ok family because they are two women lesbians and two men. It's not one of those unacceptable families that are also Mormon's.

Have you also heard of this new app?

Poly life app. It's not about hooking up, according to the article, why, you all have poly life all wrong. It's about committed relationships, to a gazillion partners.

Did someone say gay marriage was a slippery slope?


Scott said...

I have a lesbian friend who says she is in a polyamorous relationship. Her partner lives with another woman; my friend lives separately from the other two.

My friend is upset about how things are going between her and her partner. It brings to mind the saying:

Don't make a commitment to someone who only considers you an option.

Anonymous said...

Milwaukee has a carve out in their minimum wage increase allowing unionized shops to not have to pay the minimum wage

Are you talking about this:

In March of 2014, Milwaukee County passed a minimum wage
ordinance that mandates an $11.32 per hour minimum wage. It applies to employers that have service contracts or leases with the county worth at least $20,000, or developments receiving at least $1 million of economic subsidies from the county. The ordinance includes a fairly broad list of exemptions, including nonprofit institutions, cultural institutions, and other
units of government with which the county does business. It also includes a union escape clause

n.n said...


Selective exclusion creates moral hazards. At least it's principled inclusion. That's something. I wonder how far it will progress before suffering a dysfunctional convergence.

Fortunately, the Europeans have ruled out interspecies marriage on the grounds that implicit consent does not grant rights. As opposed to Holder's argument, that human beings are taxable assets, and their implied consent obligates them to register for Obamacare.

That said, with the normalization of womb banks, sperm depositors, commoditization (e.g. "diversity"), and liquidation (i.e. abortion), it's not a slippery slope, but a status quo. I wonder which will burst first, the social or financial bubble, or perhaps they will occur concurrently.

AmPowerBlog said...

Love to you, Althouse!

Merry Christmas!

steve uhr said...

City finally cracks down on gay cruising at beautiful park on Lake Monona, not through law enforcement but by removing the "love nests." Over 200 people went there every day for sex, and city arrested 24 people over the course of an entire year.

City should be ashamed of itself for not nipping this problem in the bud long ago.

damikesc said...

Are you talking about this:

Yup, unions are permitted to negotiate for less than minimum wage wages, which seems both illegal and utterly illogical.

steve uhr said...

"sex nests" -- my mistake

"Unique or noteworthy elements of this project:
 Chose to take the moral high ground and focus on behaviors inappropriate to the site
 Defined the problem as depriving the community of access to the park rather than sexual behavior
 Navigated the emotionally charged minefield of special interest groups and perceptions of bias
 Understood that it was necessary to consciously work to change community attitudes and perceptions
 Focused on behaviors that created fear in the community that were distinct from acts of sexual gratification
 Chose to focus on environmental design solutions
 Recognized the limitations of enforcement as a sustainable solution
 Used the “hierarchy of means”3
to overcome apathy and inertia in both the community and in government."

Only in Madison ...

Freeman Hunt said...

Is that mural the result of a lack or an overabundance of UT Austin MFAs?

Anonymous said...

In Austin. Of course. Look for parking space downtown and see if you find any love.

JAORE said...

When I see the mural I envision an art major with $60,000 in student loans. Then I envision job prospects for this undiscovered talent approaching zero. Finally I hear the plaintiff cry to have student loans forgiven because there are no jobs in the arts.

But what do you see?

madAsHell said...

The daughter downloaded "The Interview".

It sux!! It's predictable, and not very funny.

madAsHell said...

I'm convinced the Guardians Of Peace (GOP??) never happened. The Sony Corporation was never hacked. It was all about publicity for a really sorry movie.

Rob said...

And now blizzard warnings in Hawaii. President Obama just brings his own luck with him.

dbp said...

It reminds me of the inane bumper sticker, "War is not the answer."

I always think this depends on the question: Like, what is the name for armed conflict between nation states?

Mid-Life Lawyer said...

Someone may have already mentioned but that mural is inspired by famous Austinite, Daniel Johnston.