December 14, 2014

"Cereal Killer is just one of the latest in a growing trend of quirk-centric cafes opening across the city..."

"... like the first cat café, Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, which opened in Shoreditch [London] earlier this year."
The tiny venue plays up to its name with portraits of famous fictional serial killers Hannibal and Dexter made entirely of cereal (and that are also available for purchase). A selection of campy 90s pop songs and cult TV theme tunes play in the background as patrons choose their favorite childhood cereal or decide to try something completely new. I opted for Kellogg’s Cinnabon with a carafe of strawberry milk, while my friends chose cereal cocktails of strange continental “strawberry pops” and Reeses Puffs that were sickly sweet. Other options on the vast menu include South Korean Oreos cereal that is apparently one of the biggest sellers, a Barbie cereal that promises a chance to win a real diamond, and a Y2K-themed cheerios called Millennios.


Anonymous said...

Defining the Hipster?:

Generally post-beat and post-hippie, these are often the surburban sons and daughters of bohemia and the yuppie. They can regularly be witnessed moving in migratory patterns to urban settings like Williamsburg, Brooklyn--

Many hipsters are transfixed by the search for Self, suspended in the amber of irony, desperate for meaning and purpose, trying to cobble together a tradition and a personal style to fit within a larger whole. Many flirt with the 'collective' ideologies found within secular humanism, and/or the the enterprise of capital markets, able to strike the pose of the radical and then return to the utterly white and ordinary.

Many can be found with Arthaus tendencies or doing the work of secular missionaries while supported parentally in their post-college years or by grants of one kind or another.

***Warning-Do not tell a hipster he looks just like the hipster you saw blocks before at 'Ye olde Faire Trade Coffee Shoppe' or you can come to feel the heat of a hateful, unironic stare.

Incidentally, some boomers seem entirely comfortable moving within this eco-sphere they've helped to create (NPR's target demographic, I'm guessing)...white heads bobbing amidst the crowd, flush with the pride of causes and protests past while openly feeding on the vitality of youth.

NotquiteunBuckley said...


trans·fix/ tran(t)sˈfiks/ verb

cause (someone) to become motionless with horror, wonder, or astonishment.
pierce with a sharp implement or weapon.

NotquiteunBuckley said...

Fuck dude.

I think transfixed sucks as a the term to use here where you used it.

You can't write about how "many hipsters are transfixed..." and the use a bunch of action verbs to describe their "migratory patterns."

I love the word transfixed. I love this blog. And I love you Chris Navin.

But I love myself and my ability to focus on the trivial so as to ignore willfully me.

NotquiteunBuckley said...

When I try, flirt, and am able to strike, I ain't no ways transfixed.

Anonymous said...

Hey man, I'm laying on a couch on a Sunday morning with family around trying to type into my phone.

Transfixed tries to exacerbate the suspension between navel-gazing inaction and herd-like action so often found in a hipster.

Neither far-out nor in deep.

I probably didn't get there.

Yet, my friend, I suspect our contemporary romance with this lovable scamp and 'urban harlequin' continues.

Oh yes.

NotquiteunBuckley said...

I was just looking for acknowledgment.

Thank you.

The Cracker Emcee said...

Sugar-frosted cereal is nasty and it makes my mouth ache. Hipsters are an utter waste of time.

amielalune said...

Wow, that's just soooo clever. I wonder how long it took them to think of it? I'm sure Alannis Morrisette would tell them how ironic that is. Oh, wait, she may not be the one to ask......

And, wow, how cool are the people that go there? Because, you know, they totally get the joke and the rest of the ignorant masses don't.

Give me patience.

HoodlumDoodlum said...

Method Man & Redman: Cereal Killer (lyrics NSFW)

Anonymous said...


So was I...

Thank you.

averagejoe said...

"...Reeses Puffs that were sickly sweet." 'Sickly sweet' has to be one of the most hackneyed phrases in the modern American lexicon. Although it's usually used to described the smell of blood, not breakfast.

kwenzel said...

Toucan Son of Sam!

Cereal Killer video, Green Jello/Jelly

...although I prefer their take on the three little pigs...