November 3, 2014

"Hansi, the Girl Who Loved the Swastika" is only #9 on the list of "10 Most Ridiculous Comic Book Nazis."

What was I looking for when I found that?

You might guess that I'm going back to Saturday's topic: "Mary Burke's use of the swastika in her ad does the very thing defenders of the ad will say she's accusing her antagonist of doing."

But you would be wrong.

I just did a Google image search for "airplane as a cartoon villain" to try to find a funny picture for the Air-Force-One-as-Metaphor post. If you search only for "airplane as a cartoon character," you get a lot of smiley, nice airplanes. I guess people don't want kids to get the idea that planes are scary.


tim maguire said...

The people of Dresden probably think airplanes are scary.

DanTheMan said...

In the Little Einsteins show, there is an evil airplane, Big Jet.
It's a Russian MiG. I guess that slipped past the PC police at Disney.

n.n said...

Fluki, the Girl who loved the Hammer and Sickle, doesn't even make the top 10, despite exceeding the popularity of all the Nazi girls combined. It must be ideological discrimination.

tom swift said...

"Hansi" is actually mildly interesting ... at least compared to the usual run of comics.

Anonymous said...

"She's a Nazi who's 100% for the Third Reich, until the war ends and she finds herself in the USA, where she gets married and becomes a born-again Christian and Scott Walker's mother!

EDH said...

Would the Japanese be homophobic for finding the Enola Gay scary?

Anonymous said...

"Rudolph, the Autistic Savant Nazi Who Counted the Dead"

Kommander Schmidt: "Hans,what are the latest numbers of dead at Camp Be--"

Rudolph: Fourteen dead! Fourteen dead!

Hans: Uh... Yes, fourteen Guards died from an outbreak of dysentery...

Rudolph: Fourteen dead! Fourteen dead!

Kommander Schmidt: "And how are we doing on the Russian front?"

Hans: Well sir, we lost three tanks and part of a b--"

Rudolph: "Forty-seven dead! Forty-seven dead!"

Kommander Schmidt: "Is that correct, Hans?"

Hans: "Sir, I'm afraid it is..."

Rudolph: "Forty-seven dead! Forty-seven dead!"

Kommander Schmidt: "And what is this I hear of violence in Paris...?

Rudolph: "Nine dead! Nine dead!"

Kommander Schmidt: "The resistance killed NINE of our men?"

Hans: "Actually sir, we had a soldier go berserk at a Paris brothel and kill nine French whores..."

Rudolph: "Nine dead French whores! Nine dead French Whores!"

Kommander Schmidt: "So, all told, how many people did we lose yesterday?

Rudolph: "One-hundred-and-four dead! One-hundred-and-four dead!"

Kommander Schmidt: "Hans, is this true?"

Hans: "Yes, sir, it was that number, exactly."

Kommander Schmidt: "Does this count the French whores?"

Hans: "Rudolph?"

Rudolph: "It doesn't count the French whores! If you count the French whores there are one-hundred-and-thirteen dead! One-hundred-and-thirteen dead if you count the French Whores!

Kommander Schmidt: "Thank you for your precision, Rudolph, the Third Reich values it highly. In fact, you are being promoted to a... delicate position..."

Next Issue: "Rudolph, the Autistic Savant Nazi Who Counted the Dead Goes to Auschwitz!"

traditionalguy said...

I never learned if Hansi enjoyed her meeting with the Russian Army. That must be shown in the Charles Atlas ad on the back.

Coconuss Network said...

Freaky for girls named Hansi, like girls named Isis.

n.n said...


The Enola Gay was perceived as a pleasant surprise. Little did they know of the semantic change that awaited them.

Michelle Dulak Thomson said...

Yes, yes, the Enola Gay. Newly reborn as the Ebola Gay...

Re: Airplanes as cartoon villains: Surely there were some aircraft Transformers among the Decepticons? Um, Starscream? I think.

Tari said...

I remember this cartoon from the Christian bookstore when I was a child. In middle school I read the real book, by Maria Hirschmann, who was the "Hansi" of the story. I wouldn't recommend it as "well-written" but it was a good story nonetheless.

jaed said...

On the topic of scary airplanes, have we forgotten the "Air Force One Buzzes Manhattan" incident?