November 30, 2014

At the Last-of-November Café...


... you can talk about whatever you want.


chickelit said...

November leaves fill December eves.

chillblaine said...

Very clever! I read your eves as "eaves," but it works both ways. Reminded me of a William Safire column on language in which he extolled the fitness of the term, 'eavesdropping.'

sane_voter said...

Terrible story about the OSU football player and wrestler who committed suicide this weekend. Possibly his multiple concussions played a role.

pm317 said...

huh, I read it as eaves too..

pm317 said...

So Althouse didn't watch the Sunday shows today..or nothing interesting is happening in the world.

chillblaine said...

Gamergate is the gift that keeps on giving. It is possible that I will blog about it until I get doxxed. It is like the Winter War in cultural terms. The Soviets (social justice warriors) are just now experiencing resistance from the Finns.

Ann Althouse said...

I watched 3 Sunday shows and chose not to blog any of it.

Mostly about Ferguson.

sane_voter said...

Just saw on Insty about the minority youths who hammered to death a Bosnian in St. Louis. Just youths being youths I guess, rebelling against white privilege like they all do.

rehajm said...

Where do ego after Ferguson?


sane_voter said...

We need more hammer control laws.

Good topic to discuss on next weekends news shows.

exhelodrvr1 said...

Well, now that the Ferguson rioters are done there, they can go riot in St. Louis for the beating death of Zemir Begic. I'm sure the teens who did that were not thugs; in fact, probably on their way to college.

chickelit said...

@chillblaine and pm317:

It's a Rorschach test.

The work-oriented will read it as "eaves" -- hopeless romantics as "eves." ;)

chickelit said...

"November leaves filling December eves" has a double meaning as well.

chickelit said...

Or maybe that's a triple entendre?

Freeman Hunt said...

Had to make a hotel reservation. Conversation, roughly, before.

"He said to stay at [a hotel]."
"I think that place is too hip for us."
"This says the crowd skews younger, and it has a great bar."
"That's okay. He recommended it, so let's stay there."
"This says it's noisy and has great pool parties."
"Noisy isn't great."
"This says it's rumored that a lot of porn is shot there."
"In pictures of the lobby, you can see a glass case with a woman in it behind the reception desk."
"The receptionist is in a glass case?"
"No the wall behind the receptionist has a glass case with a mattress in it, and it looks like they have different women lie around in there wearing underwear."

We didn't book there.

WestVirginiaRebel said...

Micky Rourke's fight was apparently fixed. I am shocked.

Humperdink said...

Packers looked very good against Belecheat's Patriots.

My Steelers stink and are going nowhere. Our GM should be canned followed by our coach.

Anonymous said...

I noticed this about Ferguson--different people who were in the lead at different times in the process.

I think the sequence of people in the lead was:

1. People who wanted to express their opinion that there was an injustice done.

2. People who felt free to violate the law when the police were outnumbered. They turned to looting and burning. Many of them probably use violence to get their way all the time and look for times the police can be avoided. That is why low income neighborhoods are often described as "high-crime" areas. These criminals have no sense of community so the idea that they are burning down their community makes no sense to them. These criminals often have rap sheets that go back to childhood. They did not start taking advantage of situations after Mike Brown's death.

3. Communists from New York who saw a concentration of news cameras. They like to do things like block highways--behavior I got from my kids as toddlers in the grocery store aisle. I was not persuaded by temper tantrums then and I am not persuaded now. Journalists think any leftist with a picket sign deserves front page coverage so we will keep hearing about them.

There are many hard-working, kind, generous people in low-income neighborhoods but they don't fit the front-page formula for troubled situations. They only fit the inside section feature pages.

I use this perspective when I read about Ferguson and future changes.

I presume that anyone with options will move away from Ferguson. Journalists will think this is news but it turns out that people with options move around every day and few choose to live near burned-out buildings.

Clyde said...

Yesterday, I was looking through the channels on DirecTV and found that there is one called DOGtv. It's a channel specifically designed for dogs to watch while home alone. The programming switches between "relaxation" and "stimulation" hourly.

The relaxation show featured pretty nature scenes like the one in this picture, a small white-water creek rushing downhill, ink drops dispersing in water, tropical fish swimming in coral reefs, rivers flowing slowly past, and snoozing dogs or dogs being petted, while soothing acoustic guitar or piano music played in the background, interspersed with an occasional "good dog!" or "good boy!" One short vignette featured a streetcar or train crossing a bridge over a river in a European-looking city, as a man walked his dog in the snow in the foreground. I wondered which city it might be; there were a couple of large obelisks, and the buildings looked blocky almost Soviet-style.

The stimulation show showed active dogs playing at the beach, a dog's-eye view of walking through a park, a city scene with cars moving and a forest of legs crossing the street, a man in a yellow vest blowing leaves around, and dogs rough-housing and sniffing each other's butts at the local dog park. The music was more up-tempo, and along with the "good dog!"s there was the occasional sound of a dog panting and birdsong, including cawing crows.

I think that a large portion of the beauty of some of the scenes would be wasted on the dogs, since they don't see in color and thus don't see the bright hues on the tropical fish or the purple sunset over the evergreen trees. I also wondered what kind of music dogs would choose if they had a choice, or could make their own. It probably wouldn't have human tonalities. And I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be dogs barking "Jingle Bells."

After my short sojourn into watching DOGtv, I can say that although there's not much of a plot, it was mostly a rather soothing experience.

DrMaturin said...

Some people are angry that they cast a white actor to play Ramses in the new movie about Exodus. Well, I'm Jewish. Am I supposed to be outraged that they cast an actor named Christian as Moses? Because I'm not.

Unknown said...

Doctor, how do you pronounce "Maturin?"