October 16, 2014

"Here Are The Most Conservative And Liberal Names In America."

Doyle and Natasha.

And here's the tool to find out how conservative or liberal your name is. My name is a bit liberal. Meade's is superconservative if, in fact, that were his first name, which it's not. His first name tests out as, like mine, somewhat liberal.


The Drill SGT said...


Ann Althouse said...

Doyle's not conservative in Wisconsin, so… I've got a problem with this whole thing.

GREEBO said...

have no information on my name
so I can still be a grouchy old conservative

Beldar said...

I protest these rankings. They're not fair.

Growing up in west Texas, my big brother was Jim Bob and I was Billy Jack.

"Billy" is already #2 most conservative on the list. I respectfully submit that if given proper credit for my middle name, "Billy Jack" leapfrogs over Doyle for the top position.

And my name was conservative even before the Tom Laughlin movie came out (which was when I was a freshman in high school).

Achilles said...

" is less likely to contribute to a political campaigns than other names."

You think?

Anonymous said...

Boris dahlink, vhy is your name not on list of people too racist to support Fearless Leader?

CachorroQuente said...

This is pretty funny stuff.

My name turns out to be 5.2C. Expected as it's a name which was moderately popular early in the 20th century but is somewhat rare today.

Tried to find a conservative female name without success. Even Ursula (my grandmother's name) comes up as liberal.

Of men's names, Roosevelt came out the most liberal I could find. It ranks 9, but was probably eliminated from the top 20 for rarity.

The most conservative name found is Fort. So, some of Meade's relatives are named more conservatively than he.

Sargent, Captain, Major, and General are as predicted. Seems Harlan Sanders probably never gave money as Colonel does not return a result.

john said...

Well, Lamar makes sense.

madAsHell said...

My name says that I am not as conservative as the average Republican, and more than likely to contribute money.

My Wu Tang clan name was Big Gay Naughty Pirate.

So, something ain't right!!!

eddie willers said...

Boris dahlink, vhy is your name not on list of people too racist to support Fearless Leader?

Moose = Conservative
Squirrel = Liberal

eddie willers said...

I ran my daddy's name: "Pledger"

Number one, baby!

10c+ and no name more conservative.

T J Sawyer said...

I suggest you try the 20 blackest girls names as ranked by ABC news:


For entertainment purposes, only.

Bob said...

If the database were larger, the most liberal names would certainly be Quinoa and Chevron.


Birches said...

5.2L, but I expected it. I've got an ethnic name.

My mom's name came up on the conservative side. It's a fairly dated name. Other dated names like Mildred and Blanche and Ethel are all probably on the Conservative side.

vicari valdez said...

Sorry, we couldn't find data for that name, try another one.


JohnG said...

Try 'Nicholai'. Now I don't trust their database/app.

fivewheels said...

Honestly, seems kind of dumb. But I was 3.4C, and more likely to contribute. I have made one very small monetary political contribution in my life, and that was virtually a joke (it was for Mickey Kaus' senate run).

Renee said...

Type the names of myself and family. Defaulted on gender lines.


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Clyde said...

1099 names more liberal, 24 more conservative. Works for me.

Henry said...

In flatland I'm way conservative.

Henry said...


Bob R said...

Bob is 4.9C. I have to go to work and listen to morons talk about BIG DATA. This is a perfect way to start the day.

Bob Ellison said...

"Bob": 4.9C
"Robert": 3.9C
"Rob": 1.3C
"Bobby": 7.5C
"Robbie": 2.4C
"Bobbie": 2.6C

I'd have thought "Bobby" would fall more to the left and that "Robert" would the leftmost permutation.

Bob Ellison said...

Adolf is 5.1C! Clint, Wesley, and Don are more conservative.

Vladimir is 2.2C. Woodrow, 4.8C, Karl, 2.8C, Iosif, 2.3C.

Nancy is 1.8L.

This will make cocktail-partying much easier and more efficient.

sparrow said...

I had the same experience as Renee , male names were conservative while female name were liberal.

Lauderdale Vet said...

1.4 C here, wife was 4.4 L

Wish they let you download the dataset.

tim maguire said...

Timothy is 2.3 C, Tim is 3.3 C

I guess because of all the gay Timothys.

Bob Ellison said...
Adolf is 5.1C!

Ooops, flag goes up.

tim maguire said...

This is a good line:

You’ll notice there is a very stark gender divide! The liberal names generally sound like a group of women in their late 20s; the conservative names sound like the members of a large bluegrass band from the 1930s.

Of course, it is used to introduce the observation that liberals are hip and vibrant, happenin' youngsters while conservatives are tired old white farts.

Michael said...

Michael is center right.

Original Mike said...

But Mike is solidly conservative.

Original Mike said...

Barack is so far off the charts they couldn't find it.

Balfegor said...

Amusingly, Edward is moderately conservative, but Edouard is the 8th most liberal name in the list. Guillaume is the 3rd most liberal name, and William again, moderately conservative. Wilhelm is about where William is. Guillermo is slightly liberal.

Evidently liberals like French names.

Balfegor said...

Sorry, let me correct that -- children with Frenchified names grow up to be liberals. Probably very few of the people in whatever sample they were using decided to change their names from Edward to Edouard as adults.

Bob Ellison said...

Alexander: 2.2L
Alexandra: 8.4L

Patrick: 1.5C
Patricia: 1.5L

Jesse: 0.2C
Jessica: 7.5L

Micky: 2.2C
Micki: 2.7L

Samuel: 0.6C
Samantha: 6.8L

And then there's this:

Dale: 6.0C

Bob Ellison said...

Ezra: 4.8L
Glenn: 4.8C
Helen: 0.3C
Jonah: 9.8L
George: 4.1C
Jonathan: 3.2L
Hugh: 4.3C
Michelle: 3.1L

Big Mike said...

When your first name is a last name, the odds are you have a trust fund and are a "country club conservative."

If your first name is "Bubba" you are not.

There are exceptions.

Henry said...

Bob Ellison wrote:

Dale: 6.0C
Chip: 5.1C

Abbott: 0.7C
Costello: 1.3C

Moe: 1.3L
Shemp: N/A
Curly: 6.1C

Laurel: 4.9L
Hardy: 4.9C


Bob Ellison said...

Henry, excellent research.

This is going to require a much larger team, and probably a federal grant. We must separate the Johns from the Ringoes, the Freds from the Gingers, and the Detlefs from the Dirks.

I'm exhausted already.

Shanna said...

I had the same experience as Renee , male names were conservative while female name were liberal.

That makes sense actually.

Mine came out liberal but only just, at 1.4L. Basically middle ground.

Anglelyne said...

CachorroQuente: Tried to find a conservative female name without success. Even Ursula (my grandmother's name) comes up as liberal.

"Mabel" and "Dorothy".

traditionalguy said...

How about 7.6C which is stronger than 4.8C which is stronger than 4.2C.

That is the spectrum going from highest C at Jimmy to Jim to James.

Curious George said...

Meh, kame, I mean hos can they not have Thistle

Anonymous said...

Stripper names are neither liberal nor conservative: strippers exist in their own continuum, at the center of which is a pole.

Henry said...

Natasha is the most liberal name.
Boris the most neutral name.
Rocky is pretty conservative.
Bullwinkle isn't rated.

Natasha: 10.0L
Boris: 0.0C

Natasha Fatale is the ideologue. Boris Badenov is the nihilist.

Anonymous said...

If only strip clubs had 'new car' smell. Especially when Mercedes or Lexus takes the stage.

Anglelyne said...

Lol - 8.7L.

I'm surprised my (rather unusual) name even shows up in stats. But every other woman of that name I've come across did seem to be a swpl-tastic liberal in politics and "more likely to contribute to a campaign than the average citizen". Most of 'em are probably related to me, alas.

Freeman Hunt said...

Freeman is a bit conservative. My given name is a bit liberal.

Justin said...

0.4L and less likely than average to contribute to a campaign. Pretty spot on, for me.

Anonymous said...

Re: "Freeman is a bit conservative. My given name is a bit liberal."

The guessing game begins!

Anonymous said...

Re: "Freeman is a bit conservative. My given name is a bit liberal."

The guessing game begins!

The Cracker Emcee said...

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Which raises the question, just how large is Althouse's Vietnamese-speaking readership?

Anglelyne said...

Other female names right of center (gathered by punching in the old-ladiest names I could think of): Gertrude, Dolores, Agnes, Betty (but not Elizabeth, Beth, or Liz), Ruby, Eunice, Donna, Doris, Laverne.

"Mary" and "Florence" are close (0.4L and 0.2L), but no cigars.

And the winner (so far) is Edwarda! 10+C. (That's probably from an n of 1.)

Anonymous said...

Re: "The guessing game begins!"

Megan. What do I win?

MadisonMan said...

I have a fairly conservative name (in the 3s) -- more conservative than either of my brothers' names.

My sister has a liberal name.

themightypuck said...

Interesting. My name is Christian which is 0.8 liberal but I go by Chris, which is 0.9 conservative. My political opinions are all over the map.

traditionalguy said...

In the 1860s South, Freeman was put down as their last name by many black families who did not want their old master's last name anymore.

dbp said...

The most conservative female name I could find is Mildred 2.1 C. I figure a good share of the old-fashioned names will come up conservative.

My wife is conservative, not as conservative as me but pretty right-wing for a place like Mass. Her name came up 10L. Perhaps she is either very unusual (given her name) or I have has a salutatory influence on her outlook.

dbp said...

had, not has.

dbp said...

Mabel 2.4C

One might think "Victoria" or "Chastity" might come up in the C column but no: 4.2L and 5.3L

Dagny was reassuringly conservative at 2.5C Ayn was 6.1L though...sad trombone

madAsHell said...

The guessing game begins!

I'm guessing Mary.

Ben Calvin said...

I have another winner: 0 names are more liberal than Rain.

A close runner up: 1 name is more liberal than Rainbow: Natasha.

Freeman Hunt said...

There is no game. You all win nothing.

No soup for you!

Quaestor said...

betamax wrote: If only strip clubs had 'new car' smell. Especially when Mercedes or Lexus takes the stage.

I once met a very cute dancer in a club who told me her name was Portia. A lovely classical name, I said. There aren't enough Portias in the world. I went on to tell her that Portia was one of my favorite characters from Shakespeare. Before she left me she wrote her name and email address on the back of my business card. I looked at it... P-O-R-S-C-H-E

My heart sank like a stone.

Quaestor said...

Somebody try ranking these. I'm too bored to do it myself.

drunkdebunker said...

Ronald...enough said.