September 12, 2014

"Does she think she’s Marilyn Monroe?"

Somebody said to somebody else about Bristol Palin that night in Anchorage when the police came.
Thompson, who is 56 years old... noticed two girls wearing sunglasses walking with an unusual amount of confidence around the yard. He only noticed them because of the sunglasses. That was odd, because it was at night.
This is just a test of your mind. Perhaps you thought:
The sun was shining on the sea,
Shining with all his might:
He did his very best to make
The billows smooth and bright--
And this was odd, because it was
The middle of the night.

Whatever... you are old. Marilyn Monroe is beyond old. The Palins-are-trash meme is old.

What hope is there? For the future... I mean.


Will Cate said...

Wearing sunglasses at night -- one of those telltale signs of douchebaggery.

Ann Althouse said...

"Wearing sunglasses at night -- one of those telltale signs of douchebaggery."

Really? I thought it meant drug use or black eyes or just a terrible problem with insomnia. It's sad. It's a way to be sad without asking for sympathy.

tim maguire said...

Or you're a Blues Brother.

Patrick said...

Future's so bright, she's gotta wear a shades.

sydney said...

There was something(s) about that story that just didn't ring true.

Michael K said...

The Palins are hated even more than Walker is. The left will do anything and tell any lie. I'll wait for the police report and the video.

I had a fraternity brother who wore sunglasses at night. I guess he thought it made him look cool.

Vittorio Jano IV said...

Larry David commented on a related matter:

You know who wear sunglasses inside? Blind people and assholes.

john said...

Nobody's cooler than Dr. Chub.

AReasonableMan said...

On a similar theme Zimmerman is back in the news.

Ray said...

And then we'll put our dark glasses on
And we'll make love until our strength is gone
And when the morning light comes streaming in
We'll get up and do it again
Get it up again

Jackson Browne - The Pretender

acm said...

Another detail from Amanda Coyne's story: Palin was wearing platform shoes with the American flag on them.

I dunno. That could've happened, I guess. Seems quite a bit like that photoshop that was passed around in 2008, of Sarah Palin's head on the body of a woman who was wearing a Stars and Stripes bikini and holding a gun, though.

NotquiteunBuckley said...

Why no statement from the Palins?

Is silence golden (golden)?

Humperdink said...

ARM said: "On a similar theme Zimmerman is back in the news."

Similar theme? Are the Palins white Hispanics? Palin shot somebody? Oh, now I get it, the left hates them. Lost my head there for a second.

Wilbur said...

Or you're Jim McMahon and one of your eyes is extremely light-sensitive due to a childhood accident.

I'd like to see Larry David say that to him.

Phil 3:14 said...

Long past sell-by date.

Michael said...

Alaska summertime twilight around 10 pm

The Godfather said...

And the reason this is news is . . . . ?

(I know, I know, you live in Madison, Wisconsin; south Anchorage is "the show").

boinky said...


The palins are not white Hispanics, but Todd and the kids are white InuitAmericans.

One wonders what the real story is.

somefeller said...

Prole is as prole does.

MathMom said...

Amanda Coyne is a Palin hater from years ago, involved in all the frivolous ethics suits brought against Palin in an effort to bankrupt her.

If Amanda Coyne says the sky is blue, I ask for a second opinion.

William said...

I'm suspicious, How come no cell phone photos or videos have been posted? Maybe the owners are in negotiation with TMZ.

Anonymous said...

I think of Nancy Collins's first book, Sunglasses after Dark. It's about vampires, and a creature that scares them.

Archie Waugh said...

"The party was at Korey Klingenmeyer’s house, who is the office manger at McKenna Bros."
So the house is an office manger? Damn, that's some quality writing right there.

Michael K said...

"Alaska summertime twilight around 10 pm"

Yes and the sun goes down in late June about 3 AM and comes up about 5 AM.

The whole story is very suspicious. Sarah Palin took on the Republican machine when she was on the oil and gas commission, then the Democrats when McCain chose her for VP. She has few friends in politics there and they lie, like the Wasilla Mayor she had defeated who told the press that she wanted to ban books.

The bullshit quotient is high.

Michael said...


Thought lefties loved proles
Prefer to sneer st them


tim in vermont said...

"Prole is as prole does" - somefeller

There it is, the real problem with Sarah Palin, she is from a low caste.

Humperdink said...

@Tim in Sanders Land.

Yep, the left hates anyone who escaped their plantation. And a woman to boot. The left reserves a special level of hatred for anyone who destroys their narrative.

drywilly said...

once you've been democratted, there's no turning back

Hagar said...

Sounds like the Palins had been celebrating Todd's birthday and ran into a bunch of garage mahals who had also been celebrating.

And there is a wide difference between; "Don't you know who I am?" and "You know who we are, right?" depending on the context and to whom the question was directed.

I think, let's wait for the police report.

Paco Wové said...

"Thought lefties loved proles
Prefer to sneer at them"

Gotta be the right kind of prole
Preferably ones with great big sad eyes

hombre said...

Watch the interview with the "eyewitness." Observe his eyes carefully. Then review his story.

Bristol "cold cocked" the big muscled guy six times? Really?

rcocean said...

I'm always shocked at Liberal hatred for Sarah Palin, it started in 2008, and 6 years later it still hasn't let up. No lie, rumor, half-truth, or innuendo is so bad the liberal MSM won't repeat it as fact until proven otherwise. When proven wrong, they simply start repeating some more gossip or lies.

rcocean said...

I'm always glad she didn't run for office after 2008, because there's no doubt the usual "lone nut**" would have taken a shot at her.

** Left-wing assassins are always labeled "Lone nuts" who never murder for political reasons.

Ken B said...

Most of the party was outside. He could see well enough to notice them walking around the yard. They could see well enough with sunglasses to walk confidently on grass. It is Alaska where the sun sets very very late.
I conclude ... There was sunlight. Sunglasses in sunlight, that is odd.