September 25, 2014

At the Last-Chance Play-Ball Café...


... you're not out of the running yet! You may look desperate and outmatched but hang on!


Lem said...

Holder's resignation reason

RecChief said...

whoa, I remember when then-Senator Obama and his cheerleaders in the press said that we shouldn't be doing nation building overseas. The the idea was arrogant and inherently bad for america

What to make of this in The New Republic then?

traditionalguy said...

I understand Holder is objecting to Obama's New Water Boarding method in which a terrorist's building is hit by a downpour of Cruise Missiles until the agree to talk.

traditionalguy said...

Looks like a great shortstop dog. But can he hit?

Tank said...

Hey, Yanks need a SS.

Outing him as 1st canine SS.

mccullough said...

The Packers should sign that dog.

Tank said...

Answer to all of Crack's questions and accusations:


The Cracker Emcee Refulgent said...

What? I thought it was 47.

Mark said...

We Share Because We Care.

Curious George said...

"Lem said...
Holder's resignation reason"

Nothin' a hard drive crash can't solve.

Most lawless administration ever. Makes Nixon look like a boy scout.

garage mahal said...

Most lawless administration ever. Makes Nixon look like a boy scout.

Scandals, ranked:

5.) Black Panthers
4.) Killed Breitbart
3.) FEMA Camps
2.) Crack cocaine/gay sex/murder orgy cover-up

The Cracker Emcee Refulgent said...

Wisconsin scandals ranked

1. Secret routers
2. Secret servers
3. Secret contributions
4. Secret coordination
5. Derringers

Big Mike said...

Google and Amazon cooperated to spoil a surprise present for my wife for our anniversary.

It all started with an innocent question as to why she wasn't wearing her lapis earrings with her lapis necklace.

Because she doesn't have lapis lazuli earrings (spoken in the tone of you are really one observant husband -- NOT!).

Aha! I've gotten some really nice deals in semiprecious jewelry through Amazon so connect to Althouse and follow her link to Amazon. Except nothing jumped out at me as to what to buy so I disconnected.

Then wife got on and linked to Instapundit, where she was deluged with ads for lapis jewelry. Wife is not dumb (well, she did answer in the affirmative when I asked her to marry me, but anybody can make one mistake in their lives) and she puts two and two together.

So she calls me over and "helps" me pick her present out. As in, "this is a really nice pair, don't you think?"

Consequently she has a present she really likes (it arrived today and she is wearing the earrings while she cooks dinner) but there went the surprise.

Curse you, Vint Cerf, for inventing the Internet!

Meade said...

"5. Derringers"

made me laugh out loud.

sojerofgod said...

Aren't we supposed to be talking about dogs on this thread?

Let me tell you about Bear.
Bear (or Bear-bear if I am feeling warm and fuzzly about him at the time) is a standard issue mutt who's parentage is a mixed cross-eyed hound on the father's side and an aged Pomeranian for a mother. How they got together requires some imagination and consideration of canine gymnastics, but I guess determination can overcome any obstacle.
Cubby, his mom was a cast-off we took in who we were told was spayed. Ha.
So Bear is about half the size of the hound, or twice the size of a pom, depending on how you look at it, cross-eyed as hell and so stupid it has to be seen to be believed.
Anyone who has seen the Adam Sandler movie "Fifty First Dates" and remembers the character 'Ten Second Ted' will have an insight to Bear-bear's personality. It's kind of hard to describe, but let's just say that the light of his inner ignorance shines brightly on his brow.
Bear lives in the front yard as part of our DEW dogs, but he routinely comes inside when one of us goes in or out. We don't allow him to stay as he is not on the IN-list, but you can ask him politely to go outside and he is happy to oblige. He doesn't remember that he wanted to be inside desperately like, 3 seconds ago. He barks randomly at absolutely nothing and when I walk to the barn he eagerly accompanies me; so eagerly that he runs while the front half of his body is turned around backwards watching me at the same time, which makes for some hilarity when he runs smack into the wall of the barn or trips over his own legs.
Poor Bear-bear. Born without a brain.

Guildofcannonballs said...

My parent's pom pees funny.


sojerofgod said...

Cubby is a black Pom, and is so old that her back is crooked and when she walks her front legs aren't in line with her back legs, so she crabs a bit. She has also almost gone blind, and has low vision that allows her to get around, but she gets bowled over sometimes by other dogs or one of us if she walks into us and we don't see her.
I don't quite know how to explain this, but she has never stopped lactating since Bear was born 2 years ago. Sometimes the other adult dogs will come and nurse. We also have cats, many of which who have nursed her. That looks weird. You may ask why we would allow such an oddity, but honestly she seems to get a great deal of satisfaction from it, allows and even encourages it, particularly from the young cats.
I know, I know, Dogs and cats living together, total chaos...
We don't have animals killed when they become inconvenient to us. Likewise we accept the foibles of nature and don't try to force animals into our preconceived notions of right or wrong.
It does make for interesting conversations with the neighbors though.

Hagar said...

With all the angst about Iran possibly getting nuclear arms and perhaps using them if or when they do, should we not at least be paying a little attention when Putin goes on national television - even if it is somewhere you never heard of before - and says, "You know, nuclear war is not unthinkable"?
After all, Putin has nuclear weapons - lots of them - so there is no maybe, or sometime, about it if he decides to demonstrate his willingness to use them somewhere.

chillblaine said...

Shana Tova!

My working theory about why Holder is resigning: The quid pro quo for getting the Qataris and Saudis on board for Obama's war, is the release of the blind sheik and/or jihadijane, and Holder wanted to get out of the way of the blowback.

chillblaine said...

what's a DEW dog?

I'm worried that when our poodle Inara dies that I will be too depressed to get out of bed. She's only six so it's way early to imagine this.

sojerofgod said...

Chillblaine: "What's a DEW dog?"

I am absolutely thrilled you asked.

I live in the country. While not in a totally secluded area it is still an area where when seconds count the police are merely a half-hour away. We have several dogs, some like your poodle, are indoor lap-dog types, and others, the hounds, live in what we call the door-yard. this is about an acre in size and is fenced with an electric gate. DEW dogs man the Distant Early Warning perimeter outside the house. In plain language, they bark. And discourage uninvited visitors, and armadillos.
Some years ago a local crackhead broke into the near neighbors house, stole money, guns and the pickup and headed to S. Carolina. If the man had been home it would have been worse.
Nobody tries that at The Farm.
In case of major invasion I would at least have time to get the pants on and the pistol unlimbered before they made it to the door...

sojerofgod said...

I wouldn't worry about the baby too much; Poodles generally are the long runners. 12 to 15 is quite common, barring accident

Anonymous said...

Makes Nixon look like a boy scout.

Nixon was a boy scout. The only reason he had to step down was because the liberal media conspired with extreme lefty politicians and corrupt prosecutors to make shit up out of thin air and run him out of town.

You know, just like they are trying to do to Walker. Who also is a boy scout.

Guildofcannonballs said...

All down the trousers, turtles.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Buckley: I was just cut-and-pasting that right now, and saw you beat me to it! Well played!

Guildofcannonballs said...

It must be fun to be a fake right-winger.

To be a fake Leftist you have to kill babies at least several hours after they are born, rape any and every female (human) you see, eat fetus, and break both arms patting yourself on the back as congrats to yourself for your superior status amongst the proles.

Just not the same as the great Great GREAT Colbert. Boy is he ever funny, because the GOP is anti-science!

Ha. Haha. Get it, those dummies are dumb!