August 8, 2014

The sunflower unfurls.


Sorry about all the insects, especially the two that make me want to say: Get a room.


Get a mushroom.


jimbino said...

Those whorls of florets supposedly follow the Fibonacci sequence.

George M. Spencer said...

I'd like to repeat a post similar to one I posted at the last "sunflower."

Hypothetical: Man goes on business trip to, say, London where he is infected with Ebola.

Upon returning to, say, Boston, he shows no symptoms for two weeks. During that time, he infects his wife via sex and all of his children, perhaps by kissing bloody scraped knees to "make them all better." Even if he does not infect anyone when he is asymptomatic, when he starts showing symptoms, say, by vomiting, at the very least the wife gets infected.

Presume also that his son, age 5, bites his cousin visiting from Chicago who also gets infected and returns there. my school district the schools are closed sometimes for days if there is a smidgen of ice on the streets. I would bet that the schools here would close for, oh, a month if there was a child infected in the school.

Is this an absurd scenario?

And how many American hospitals are equipped to deal with the sort of total isolation and Moon suits that this disease requires? Precious few, I'd guess.

When the last cases of smallpox were reported in Communist Yugoslavia in the 1970s, Tito shut down the affected regions. Totally. Why? Because smallpox spreads wildly like Ebola.

History rhymes.

And people forget.

traditionalguy said...

We had the happy bird family and now the bees. Is it spring again in Wisconsin?

Gahrie said...

Wait until the ants find it...

traditionalguy said...

A little known fact is that the Professor shares 98% of the same DNA as that magnificent sun flower. That's what Bill Bryson says, and he never even met the Professor.

David said...

Alien listening post. Beware.

tim maguire said...

Bumblebees, the jolly old elves of the insect world, are always welcome.

Meade said...

Goldenrod soldier beetles don't really hurt anyone. They just want to follow their biological imperative which is to sexually reproduce. Hey, who doesn't?

In fact, they're somewhat beneficial.