August 14, 2014

Confused logos of feminism at Bust.

I don't normally read Bust, but I was trying to go to Buzzfeed and mis-auto-completed the address. I clicked on a couple feminism things: 1. "How To Create A Women's Empowerment Club At Your School," and 2. "Men's Rights Movement Misunderstands Feminism." Upon seeing #1, I contemplated blogging just about the big logo displayed at the top:

Then I clicked on #2, and here's the illustration at the top:

"Bust" suggests a punch in the face as well as a couple of breasts, so take care, Bust. Get your story straight. Or at least pay a little attention to making it look straight. I know breasts don't always match. ("Even if your girls are the same cup size, they are likely to hang differently.") A good editor, like a good bra, can create the appearance of balance and support. Please try harder.

I looked up "bust" in the (unlinkable) OED, and I see that it has a lot of negative meanings, for example "A binge, a drinking bout," as in:
1939 H. H. Child Poor Player 22 Every now and then I went a bust, walked into Pagani's..and demanded devilled kidneys.
Also: "A financial crash; a sudden failure or collapse of trade."
1894 Alpha Tau Omega Palm Apr. 156 At present in Virginia it is easier to bust a boom than to boom a bust.
Or: "A raid or arrest by a law-enforcement agency."
1938 New Yorker 12 Mar. 38/3 ‘One whiff [of marijuana]’ said Chappy, ‘and we get a bust.’ (‘Bust’ is Harlem for a police raid.)

1959 W. S. Burroughs Naked Lunch 15 Provident junkies..keep stashes against a bust.
Or: "A failure, a flop; a disappointing person or experience."
1859 J. R. Bartlett Dict. Americanisms (ed. 2), Bust, a burst, failure. The following conundrum went the rounds of the papers at the time the Whig party failed to elect Mr. Clay to the presidency: ‘Why is the Whig party like a sculptor? Because it takes Clay, and makes a bust.’
As that old riddle shows, a "bust" is also a sculpture of the upper part of the body, and it's this meaning which leads to "bust" meaning "woman's bosom or breasts."
1858 T. De Quincey Secret Societies (rev. ed.) in Select. Grave & Gay VII. 250 Oh, that dreadful woman, with that dreadful bust!—the big woman, and the big bust!—whom and which to encircle in ‘a chaste salute’ would require a man with arms fourteen feet long!
The sculpture/bosom meaning has a different etymology from the drinking/collapse meaning, which began as a variation of the word "burst."


Anonymous said...

#1 looks like it was first designed by Bic pen on a Pee-Chee folder.

rhhardin said...

= He's looking for a mate.

NOW meetings in the 70s was a good place to find babes.

Don't mock is the best method.

campy said...

Blue Boy's hand appears to be turning pink. Is that on purpose? The Healing Power of the Feminist Touch Will Cure Tesosterone Poisoning, or some such?

traditionalguy said...

Is it a Fisting Day symbol for Planned Parenthood counselees?

I guess that empowers one of the participants.

Quaestor said...

#2 Shows the pink from the woman creeping onto the male blue, but no blue intrudes into the pink.

Fen said...

Nice Marxist Fist. Sums up feminism nicely.

Quaestor said...

Oops. Sorry to replicate, campy. Nice analytic, BTW.

SGT Ted said...

Womens Empowerment = Womens Supremacy, while maintaining female entitlements of "patriarchy" in place.

Feminists are only concerned about women, while ignoring and dismissing the negative impacts their "empowerment" brings to men. Which makes them sexist, by definition and practice.

It's not what feminists say they do, it's what they DO that counts.

Otherwise, the feminism = equality is merely another version of the "No True Scotsman" logical fallacy.

Jay Vogt said...

also not >

nor, <

Pity they had to start a movement based on a logic fallacy.

SGT Ted said...

A closed fist very much represents modern feminism accurately.

chillblaine said...

"...we will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist."

Quaestor said...

Another usage of bust implies total dissolution, as in those banners the gold seekers of 1849 draped on their covered wagons. California or Bust! meant that the owner of the wagon had invested his whole estate in the enterprise, and that failure would amount to catastrophe -- a broken wagon surrounded by dried bones -- something a bit more drastic than an economic bust.

"Bust" is a publication that tilts at windmills for political reasons. By attacking fantasy threats like campus rape with solutions that are only going to destroy the institutions feminism seeks to dominate, and ignoring real threats to women, chiefly those threats rooted in the rise of Islam, "Bust" illustrates how feminism has devolved into silliness. Bust is what feminism is headed for.

Wince said...

"Bust" suggests a punch in the face as well as a couple of breasts, so take care, Bust.

My first thought was the logo of a fist inside the female symbol represents a (consensual) fist up the vagina or anus.

Anthony said...

That second picture is of course, the primary rhetorical tactic of feminism - advance ridiculous, indefensible claims under the banner of feminism, then, when people attack feminism, claim that feminism "only" means something not-very-controversial. Because our educational system sucks, this logical fallacy actually works, and feminists (and all sorts of other leftists) get away with it.

In this paper (pdf) which is mostly about post-modernism, this tactic is called a "Motte and Bailey Doctrine". (See page 3, though really, start on page 2 at "Troll's Truisms".) Once you understand what it is, you see it everywhere on the "social" "justice" left.

Revenant said...

If feminism was about equality of the sexes, feminists would be demanding a "Violence Against Men Act" instead of a "Violence Against Women Act". Men are victims of violent crime far more often than women are.

Feminists would demand increased funding for research into male health issues; men die younger than women, on average, but receive less health care spending and fewer research dollars for their issues.

Feminists would demand that schools focus their efforts on promoting male success within the K-12 school system. Boys graduate at lower rates than, and earn lower grades than, girls.

Feminists would demand that colleges do more to appeal to men. Men attend college at lower rates than women do.

I could go on, but why bother? The point is, "feminists" can always be found pushing to improve things for women in cases where women are suffering relative to men -- but they can also always be found pushing to improve things for women in cases where women are doing far better than men.

The empirical evidence is that modern feminism is a "female supremacist" movement, not a gender equality movement.

Paul said...

The men's rights movement, as well as red pill men in general, understand feminism perfectly. That is what alarms feminists the most.

Ignorance is Bliss said...

EDH said...

My first thought was the logo of a fist inside the female symbol represents a (consensual) fist up the vagina or anus.

This makes me wonder about the sorts of things you consent to.

phantommut said...

Blue Boy isn't very manly. (An aside: I remember when my younger sister was totally into Tiger Beat and the like. Struck me then that all the dreamy boys looked like girls without breasts -- except for Tom Selleck. I still don't understand how he got an exemption for his secondary sexual characteristics.)

n.n said...

This is the source of their confusion, and, apparently, for many women and men, male is not equivalent to female. While men and women are physically, mentally, and psychologically similar, there are some not-so-nuanced biological and "social" differences. For one, women enjoy a "choice" which is an extra-legal and moral right by virtue of their physiology.

Feminism needs to recognize two orders: natural and conscious. They need to reconcile their dreams with two principles: individual dignity and intrinsic value. Because feminism does not reach a conclusion consistent with objective orders and articles of civilized society, it fails with the same modes as other civil and human "rights" movements.

HoodlumDoodlum said...

You guys who're seeing some symbol for a dangerous sex act in the first logo are clearly sexist pigs--feminists would never stoop to such a chilidish, sordid combination.
Just ask the gals at popular fem. site Feministing, they'll set you straight.

Smilin' Jack said...

A good editor, like a good bra, can create the appearance of balance and support.

But the discerning man always looks below the surface.

And I'm not sure how those illustrations should be interpreted...perhaps as further evidence that women are bad at math?

Paco Wové said...

Feminism is ... an inability to draw.

tim maguire said...

If only that were true, much of what they do they would not do, and most of the complaints they hear they would not hear.

tim maguire said...

campy said...Blue Boy's hand appears to be turning pink.

Contagion, thy name is woman.

Anonymous said...

Is this some kind of bust?

PatHMV said...


Your use of the phrase "set you straight" is offensive. It implies that being CIS-gendered and heterosexual is synonymous with being "correct." You need take no action. The thought police have been alerted, and you will undergo your reeducation shortly.

HoodlumDoodlum said...


I KNEW I should have saved my thoughtcrime tickets from last month! Dang it.

DanTheMan said...

I, too, demand equality. When you see a roofing crew slinging tar in the hot summber sun, and half the crew are women, when half of our prison population is women, and when half of our combat casualties are women, then we can declare equality.
Of course, we need start at the CEO and boardroom.