August 11, 2014

Bud and flower.





Meade said...

Breaking Bud

traditionalguy said...

Damn good flowers. My congratulations to the growers.

Ann Althouse said...

Meade grew them from seed… directly in the garden (not started indoors).

Meade said...

Sowing seeds is child's play. Holding the camera steady takes skill.

(Thanks, traditionalguy.)

Limited Blogger said...


Is there still enough bloom on Hillary's rose?

NYT: Hillary Clinton, Barbed and Bellicose
(Though the comments are more interesting, frankly).

Brian McKim and/or Traci Skene said...

Zinnias remind me of the time my wife and I moved into my boyhood home to look after my father. He had a medical scare in May and was not doing well. We moved in shortly after and I planted a square yard or two of zinnias-- three or four varieties-- and they soon took off and produced so many blooms that I was able to snip a vase full of them every few days or so, for the entire summer. My father appreciated them and he marveled at the variety and the number coming from that small patch. He passed that September. There were plenty to brighten up the party we held after his funeral. I wish we had a garden here in the desert.