July 4, 2014

"Yay! Life!"


"Got Mead."


Seen in the last few days in Boulder, Colorado.


Michael K said...

If you have enough honey, you can have mead.

Saint Croix said...

Andrew Klavan just requested my book to read. Knock on wood.

Saint Croix said...

I love that scene in The 13th Warrior where the Muslim is allowed to get drunk on mead. And the Vikings are giggling at him.

JimB said...

Anyone recognize the Houston Texan's logo?
Besides me, of course.

Bob Ellison said...

Yay, human life?

commoncents said...

Wave those American Flags Republicans - study shows it pushes people to vote Republican!!


David said...

Is yay life pro choice?

Yay MY life.

averagejoe said...

JimB said...
Anyone recognize the Houston Texan's logo?
Besides me, of course.

Is Mead going to be the Texans quarterback this year?

Saint Croix said...

Is yay life pro choice?

When I was in film school in Savannah from 2003-2009 (it was a 2 year degree, long story), I briefly dated a woman who did a documentary on a guy who had renamed himself Pro-Life. She had done a couple of interviews with him. And I was like, "Why did he change his name to Pro-Life?" Which was stupid of me, I guess. But the damn doc didn't mention abortion at all.

Anyway, yes, this is a pro-life bumper sticker. They don't want to start an argument with people. But they feel obliged to not be silent, if that makes sense.

Choose Life is another one that I often see.

Saint Croix said...

On the other hand, the company who makes the magnets is called yay life, and they make a lot of other magnets, too. Yay gay, yay boobies, yay Jewish, yay puppies.

I don't see yay choice.

The pro-life movement has hijacked a very powerful name, one that drives pro-choice people up the wall. Here is Wendy Davis claiming she is pro-life.

The media has been on a very long campaign to defeat the pro-life movement, and that includes renaming the pro-life movement.

Of course Roe v. Wade drives the pro-lifers crazy by renaming the baby a "fetus." Fetus is a Latin term that means baby. Doctors also use the word gravida, the Latin for "pregnant woman." Doctors and lawyers often use Latin to show how smart they are. But in the case of abortion, many argue that the term was adopted to dehumanize the infant. That's why fetus is a household word and gravida is not.

Without question, a propaganda war is going on, one that the left has dominated, except for the term "pro-life." It's become an underground term (since the media won't use it) but it has not and will not go away.