July 18, 2014

When Harry Met Bosco.





These dog photos were made by me, not Meade. If you want to see Meade's dog photos, go to The Puparazzo.


Steve said...

When did people go from "taking pictures" to "making pictures"? I understand the point that a picture isn't there for the taking and must, on some level, be composed. Has there been some nationwide reevaluation of the photographer's art that has caused this change?

dreams said...

You guys should watch the Dean Spanley movie if you haven't already.

Ann Althouse said...

"Has there been some nationwide reevaluation of the photographer's art that has caused this change?"

Has it changed or is it just me?

"Taking" is idiomatic and one wonders how it got started. There's also the trend of saying "capture," as in "nice capture."

I think I say "make" because I'm working with it in iPhoto, doing things to get it to look better, like cropping and upping the contrast and so forth. That's more like drawing. You'd obviously say "make a drawing" and not "take a drawing."

jacksonjay said...

Is Ann competing with Meade or promoting Meade?

Anonymous said...

I am former Iowan now on the Texas gulf coast.

"Have your picture made" is the Texas equivalent to "have your picture taken" in Iowa lingo. I have gotten used to hearing it.

I was expecting to hear "y'all" but there were some other surprises in regional usage.
The four-wheeled manually-pushed things that hold your groceries while shopping are buggies. And the place where people who don't own washers and dryers wash their clothes is a washateria. I am sure native Texans are wondering why I am pointing out these words as oddities.

I once presented a two-day short course in Boston with a native Kansan as my co-teacher. At a break one of the participants said he was enjoying hearing our Midwestern expressions. I have no idea what he was referring to. We both sounded normal to me!

Ann Althouse said...

"Is Ann competing with Meade or promoting Meade?"

Ann is living with Meade and sometimes goes along with him when he does something she would not do alone, and when she does she has a camera and may end up with photos similar to his.

Drago said...

Why is that white dog on top of that "dog of color"!!

Don't think we don't see what's going on here Althouse.