July 8, 2014





Photos by me. Just because it's dogs doesn't mean it's by Meade. If you want dog photos by Meade today, go to The Puparazzo. New, over there: "Beasley and Professor Chaos" and "The beauty of Brook" (a beagle, an Irish Terrier, and a red Lab, respectively). My dogs, above are both Labs — a chocolate named Gus and the black Lab that almost seems to be our dog, but is not, Zeus.


Opfor311 said...

Very important to stay hydrated on a day like this in the Midwest. Gus reminds me of Lucy, who was our Chocolate Lab, and Zeus reminds me of Katie, who was our Black Lab. I miss them both. Enjoy these two while you have them.

rhhardin said...

Kroger used to have a Canine Sport Drink on the shelves.

I asked the cashier whether that was drool replacement. She didn't know.

With water, dogs drink out of cupped hands pretty well. That takes two free hands, though. A faucet can be the source, or another person with a bottle.

Froth said...

We're on our third Lab, Dot, a rescue Yellow Lab who will be 5. Our first was Elvis, a yellow who WAS Marley, and second, BB King, who was a sweetheart, people pleaser. Dot's a coalescence of all the good parts of both.

Ann Althouse said...

You can see on the ground the sliced off bottom of a plastic water jug like the one Meade carries the water in. That works as the bowl and is easily slipped onto the bottom of the intact jug, so carrying the bowl is no more trouble than carrying the water.

The dogs love to drink the water as it's poured, and we enjoy watching it. You can see the camera in Meade's hand in my photo. Check Meade's blog to see the close ups he got.

Ann Althouse said...

Meade brings 4 gallons of water when he takes Zeus to the park in the summer.

It's nice to have plenty to spill and to share.

Rosalyn C. said...

Will we ever get to see Zeus's actual owners? I bet they are great people.

FleetUSA said...

When feeding our old Lab, Max, I would say "sweet water" when putting the water in his bowl.

Anonymous said...

I came across this guy and thought of Meade. He's like the Meade of cats. I think his Abyssinian pix are amazing particularly the motion based ones towards the bottom of page 1 and a few rows down on page 2.

Interestingly, his dog pix don't have quite the same flair. He seems to be setting them up like cat pix and missing the essential dog ness, but maybe I'm to used to dogs at the dog park by now.

gerry said...

I enjoy Meade's (and your) dog photos. Have you seen Underwater Dogs? I've been buying the calendars since 2011, and they hang in my cubicle. Everyone comes each month to see what the new month's underwater dog looks like. It's s hoot.