July 25, 2014

Studying summer flowers...

Image 1

... thinking about which ones to cut and bring inside.

ADDED: I like the way Meade framed the picture to include the tree tops, and it made me want to look up the old post where the 2 trees in front of the house got planted. That was back on November 20, 2009, the first fall Meade lived here with me:


The big one is a New Horizon elm, a disease-resistant cultivar created at the University of Wisconsin.

Also from back then: here's what one commenter called a "Nice picture of Meade doing manly outdoor work":



MadisonMan said...

This makes me wonder what will replace all the Ash along my street when they are yanked. Two have already contracted the always-fatal Yellow Dot disease. It seems a yellow dot appears on the bark -- almost as if spray-painted there -- and then shortly after the tree is cut down.

Sunslut7 said...

Kudos and Props to you and Meade for selecting a disease resistant Elm Tree for your yard.

now why don't you add a disease resistant American Chestnut tree to your garden. they are beautiful and graceful trees , they produce bountiful populations of nut an their wood is highly useful in the construction, furniture and cabinet industries.

Good luck to you both.

Graham Powell said...

That's just a gorgeous house. Is your whole neighborhood like that?

Ann Althouse said...

Thanks, Graham. A lot of the neighborhood is nicer, I think, with a Frank Lloyd Wright house and 2 Louis Sullivan houses. There's some great architecture, big trees, quiet, narrow streets, and well-tended gardens.