July 14, 2014

Dogs pose with a double rainbow.



Just now, at Capital Springs Dog Park.


(Photos by me, not Meade, though Meade was there taking 444 photos (to my 157).)

ADDED: "Wow. Bow wow. Double rainbow wow."


rhhardin said...

Raindrop prelude by Chopin, which is played by the evil Drax in Moonraker, which I just watched.

Drax also has some evil near-Doberman dogs which are as evil looking as stuffed bunny rabbits, if you read dogs any.

You'd think the production people would know something about dogs.

Balfegor said...

A few days ago, I returned home in the middle of a rainstorm after a week and a half of travel. Home being the capital of our glorious Empire, the power promptly went out, as it often does after a bit of wind and rain. But when the rain broke for a few minutes, I saw from my balcony the most beautiful rainbow I've ever seen in this area. Really quite lovely.

Then the storm resumed. I lit my candelabrum and read for a while, then doused the candles and went to sleep. I didn't get power back until the next morning.