June 12, 2014

"Women's Group Garners 87,000 Signatures Urging WAPO to Fire George Will."

"Accuse columnist of 'mocking sexual assault survivors and saying that women want to be raped.'"


damikesc said...

Noting that universities violate Federal Law in treatment of men in sexual assault cases is forbidden.

Noting that the level of proof of sexual assault to ruin a man's life is laughable is verboten.

Men aren't allowed to note brutally unfair treatment. Not according to feminists who, honestly, only seek equality.

Or something.

The Drill SGT said...

Good luck with that. The Left increasingly demonstrates that they are no longer "Liberal", but rather "Totalitarian".

David said...

Silence them. Silence them all.

Unknown said...

I don't like Will, and I would probably sign a petition if he mocked sexual assault (traditional definition) and said that women want to be raped. However I read the transcript and even after reading the article, I don't understand how one reads that into it. At best, George Will is implicitly questioning how the definition of sexual assault is changing. Too bad they can't be honest.

CatherineM said...


Above from RCP about these "feminists"

Matt Sablan said...

87,000 people still subscribe to the WaPo?

CatherineM said...
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CatherineM said...

Hello? Wher is my trigger warning?

Now I feel unsafe.

You will rue the day Althouse! I will look to have you banned from Blogger!

: )

Anonymous said...

I've always wanted him fired because his column is boring as hell.

Strange bedfellows.

FleetUSA said...

FeminNazis gone wild

FullMoon said...

Is there any petition not to fire him?

Brando said...

What a great idea! There's no better way to convince the world that someone is wrong than by shutting them down and driving them out of the conversation. If getting Will's column dropped doesn't put an end to our rape culture, nothing will.

Only a moron would read that column and think he was trying to say that women want to be raped. If you can't provide a reasonable counterargument to what he wrote, then stay out of the debate because you're only making your side look idiotic.

Drago said...

Drill Sgt: "The Left increasingly demonstrates that they are no longer "Liberal", but rather "Totalitarian"."

The left was never "liberal".

They have always been totalitarian.

It's just that now they feel comfortable, politically, with expressing openly what they have been thinking and saying privately for decades.

Drago said...

unknown: "I don't understand how one reads that into it."

What was actually written is irrelevant.

The lefties will simply assert Will wrote what the lefties "need" for Will to have written, and that will be that.

It's as common and everyday an occurrence as the sun rising.

Julie C said...

Ugh. Don't these women realize it just makes them look weak?

"Oh my ears! I can't stand that some awful man expressed an opinion I disagree with! He needs to be driven out of public life! Where are my smelling salts?"

Virgil Hilts said...

Will's suggestion that at least some people seek the mantle of victimhood is true, and really, really weird. There was a case in Arkansas a couple of months ago where a freshman women claimed she had been sexually assaulted in a parking garage -- http://5newsonline.com/2014/05/01/student-filed-false-ua-campus-rape-report-police-say/ She made the whole thing up. In this case the young woman was pretty, extremely bright and the star student of her high school class the year before. You can Google her. But she (I guess) wanted the on-campus glory and attention of being a victim. I don't pretend to understand it, but I have been reading the recent expelled men lawsuits against Duke, Columbia, etc. and the desire for campus victim-hood glory does seem to be playing a role in these cases. Before anyone attacks me, I have a daughter in college and sexual assault is a real problem. Most of the male plaintiffs in these cases seem to be assholes (though not necessarily rapists) whom I would prefer never meet one of my daughters.

Anonymous said...


I've got a petition right here to ban Althouse for her microaggressions. Sign it and have your feelings recognized by a community of equals.

**That numbness you may be feeling could be Post-Patriarchal PTSD syndrome, now recognized by the medical community and a majority of equals.

Brando said...

Will could have made his points better, but the problem with the leftist POV on this issue--and which the so-cynical-it's-no-longer-funny Obama Administration is exploiting--is the following:

1) If "sexual assault" is too broadly defined as to create hysteria-inducing statistics--such as one women in five (!) being sexually assaulted on college campuses, thereby making college far more violent for women than any inner city in this country--this cheapens the more valid concern about rape and sexual assault that does take place on campus and elsewhere.

2) Letting campus authorities have anything to do with the investigative and prosecutorial process is a terrible idea as they are not equipped to do so in any sense. If someone alerts campus authorities that s/he has been sexually assaulted, the ONLY things the school administration should do is (a) put the accuser in touch with the police so this can be properly investigated and charged and (b) provide support services for the victim. By suggesting that the campus authorities can handle anything more than academic infractions you are merely showing the world you are not to be taken seriously as an adult and should go back to playing in a sandbox where your messes can be contained.

3) Whether a rape (or sexual assault) occurred in any given situation is going to be fact specific and depend on the circumstances, which is why we have investigations, trials, and constitutional rights in the first place. The case Will refers to in his column leaves open enough questions that I'd need to know more (if I were on a jury) to decide whether it was a rape. Consent can be verbal or nonverbal, it can be revoked, it can be granted after it was denied, and it can be impossible (such as if the victim were asleep).

Steve M. Galbraith said...


We're de-evolving as a species.

Will was writing about the standards used by universities in investigating claims of assault.

Several US Senators wrote a letter to Will which claims, in part that he:

"[T]rivialize[s] the scourge of sexual assault, putting the phrase in scare quotes and treating this crime as a socially acceptable phenomenon."

Yes, that's what Will does. He thinks the crime - the actual crime not the allegation - is "socially acceptable."

Senator McCarthy would like that turn of a phrase.

Saint Croix said...

They’d now decided — mutually, she thought — just to be friends. When he ended up falling asleep on her bed, she changed into pajamas and climbed in next to him. Soon, he was putting his arm around her and taking off her clothes. "I basically said, 'No, I don’t want to have sex with you.' And then he said, 'OK, that’s fine' and stopped. . . . And then he started again a few minutes later, taking off my panties, taking off his boxers. I just kind of laid there and didn’t do anything — I had already said no." (...) Six weeks later, the woman reported that she had been raped.

When I hear "rape" I think of a horrible crime of violence. There is no violence in this episode. There is no threat of violence. She had sex when she didn't want to have sex. But it's common in relationships for people to do things they don't want to do.

"I didn't want to have dinner with his parents. He raped me into having dinner with his parents." It's obscene to talk this way. It's a lack of moral seriousness.

Going along with something you don't want to do is not the same thing as a violent crime, and we should not use the same word to describe it.

damikesc said...

I'm just waiting for law firm to decide to make a killing trolling for Title IX suits against colleges for treatment of men and women in regards to drunken rape allegations.

traditionalguy said...

Will appears to be a white man. They are well trained in enemy recognition. He is toast.

MadisonMan said...

It's so easy to cause an insult these days. Witness this story from today's local paper. Dressing up like old people? That means you're mocking them! Dressing up like someone of the opposite sex? You're mocking transgendered!! (But only, of course, it you're a guy!)

(Frankly, I think Middleton students should just dress up like Pervert Teachers watching p*rn at school, or like test cheaters with cell phones).

Real American said...

Feminazis are even claiming Will "re-raped" these women by writing this column. So Will not only wants these women to be raped, but he is one of the rapists, too! Writing a column is rape! Ideas are rape! Disagreement is RAPE! These idiots deserve as much mockery and scorn as possible.

Amy said...

This micro-aggression thing is crazy. My daughter has a new Indian friend. I had trouble remembering/pronouncing his name properly a few times (when he wasn't there, but I was referring to him in conversation). Was told that I was being micro-aggressive. What?

SGT Ted said...

"Wanting women to be raped" is code for disagreeing with the insane "rape culture" feminist extremist kooks and their fanciful, invented assertions and anti-male bigotry.

Radical Feminism is a hate creed.

rhhardin said...

Maybe when we have honor killings there will be fewer rape victims again.

William said...

I'm ok with the petition, but I just hope they show a little restraint and don't hashtag the poor guy.

Drago said...

SMGalbraith: "Unbelievable.
We're de-evolving as a species."

I don't believe we are evolving.

But, sadly, it may very well be that we are reverting to the normal human condition mode of authoritarian governments/movements and the wholesale treatment of individuals as serfs.

It's what we had for a century under communist governments, along with a hundred million dead, and the left had no problems whatsoever with it.

Guess what? Neither do the Islamists.

Welcome to the New Age.

Looks alot like the Old Age.

jr565 said...

I don't know what Will said, but I'm sure he didn't say what they're saying. But, what's with this attempt to purge people for what they say?
So what if he did.

tim in vermont said...

Maybe it happened because this girl accepted all of the lefty, turn back evolution, talking points, and rather than protect herself, she honestly believed that everyone believes "no means no."

From the facts described in this thread though, it doesn't sound like "rape rape" or "legitimate rape" to me, it sounds like she ultimately consented to a persistent suitor whom she could have kicked out of bed at any time.

mccullough said...

We now know the names of every Women's Studies major in the U.S.

HoodlumDoodlum said...

I heard political correctness described as the "art of not noticing" and that definition has proved useful (ie deliberately not noticing differences between men and women is PC, pointing out possible gender differences is un-PC).

It looks likre that concept is, incredibly, expanding further. Will noticed a major discrepancy in treatment and for that sin he must be expunged. The plain facts don't support the petitioner's chosen world view, and the answer is apparently to stone anyone who dares to point that out. He hath offended, shout him down!

Steve M. Galbraith said...

"But, what's with this attempt to purge people for what they say?

So what if he did. "

Well, if he truly said (but he didn't) that it was okay to rape women that's a fireable offense. It's not even close.

The Post doesn't endorse every position of its op-ed writers, of course. But they think those views are at least ones that are worthy of discussion.

Raping women is not one of those ideas.

That I have to explain this is, frankly, troubling.

Larry J said...

Seriously, you should be ready. It's only a matter of time before you write something the radical hive disagrees with and they try to get you fired. It's as predictable as the sunrise.

Paul said...

George Will is NOT a true conservative.

Many of his writings I don't agree with, but to say he is some kind of woman hater who mocks rape or rape survivors or he says they want to be raped is just BS.

And yes I read what he said. They twisted his words and made 'dog whistles' out of them where no such thing was implied or said.

hombre said...

Julie C: "Ugh. Don't these women realize it just makes them look weak?"

To whom? In the face of a national epidemic of epic stupidity there is a sympathetic ear for every form of irrationality.

Michael said...

All of the signatories are dumb. I wonder if they are all unattractive.

Michael K said...

"I have a daughter in college and sexual assault is a real problem. Most of the male plaintiffs in these cases seem to be assholes (though not necessarily rapists) whom I would prefer never meet one of my daughters. "

My youngest daughter graduated last year from U of Arizona and saw none of this. She did call the cops on a guy who was beating up his girlfriend. He was drunk and came after my daughter when she was yelling at him to stop. She locked herself in her car and called 911. She testified against him the year. That was the day she graduated and I met him. The girlfriend threw his stuff out the next morning. They had ben living together. They were not students but waitstaff at the restaurant where she worked while in school.

She has a good job, votes Republican and called me last week thinking about going into the military.

College sexual assault is largely a function of excessive drinking by both sexes. The Title IX lawsuits by boys is going to be the big story for a couple of years. A good way to pay off student loans.

From Inwood said...

Rape By a columnist's writing is a Socially-Constructed Artifact.

Gurgle, Gurgle,

Doug said...

Those women should blow George Will. That would show him.

mjatherton said...

"Fire anyone who disagrees with me!" mentality.

Sam L. said...

I'm waiting for them to stomp their feet.

Birches said...

We've reentered the Victorian age. A women is no longer expected to fight back against an unwanted sexual advance because, "I already said no once." If we actually yelled or, you know, got out of the bed, we might hurt our delicate natures.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Hirsi Ali disinvited because her description of women and islam would have interfered with the exposure of the "rape culture" supposedly raging at Brandeis and the USA (and West).

It seems to me that the feminazis and the left in general are getting insaner by the day. I really hope there is a breaking point and that the sick sixties may be buried at last (though we may still die of the consequences).

Oh, and some quotes from an article in the blaze about two girls who escaped from Boko Haram, just for the heck of it;

“We will keep the girls alive but we are going to kill the boys,”
Must be why feminazis love islam, kill the boys.

“Renounce your faith or we kill you,” he said."
“It’s better to die than to renounce Christ,” the girl replied"
Those dirty christianists, and she is probably against same sex marriage to.

tim in vermont said...

"Well, if he truly said (but he didn't) that it was okay to rape women that's a fireable offense. It's not even close."

Just ask Juanita Broadrick.

Titus said...

his article sounded like an old man getting horny over sexual assault...and to make matters worse he is a grossie.

Bob R said...

First, I like Althouse's old suggestion that we shift to talking about "bad sex" rather than "rape." Rape is a serious crime, and for the feds to charge universities administrations rather than the criminal justice system with judging these seems to me to be one of the dumbest ideas to come out of this brain dead administration. (I think if you stripped each member of the Obama administration naked, you'd find the words "Assistant Dean" tattooed somewhere on his or her body.)

Ann Althouse said...

"First, I like Althouse's old suggestion that we shift to talking about "bad sex" rather than "rape.""

Thanks for reminding me about that!

I agree with myself.

Strelnikov said...

87k? Holy Shit!! That's a majority of the country, isn't it?

Strelnikov said...

If only there was a fainting couch industry into which I could invest my life savings.

Saint Croix said...

I like Althouse's old suggestion that we shift to talking about "bad sex" rather than "rape."

Yes, that's very good. I thought Althouse was talking about technique at first, so I didn't understand the comment. But she's talking about desire. When two people feel passionate desire for each other, the sex is amazing.

Lack of desire = bad sex.

That's exactly right. We should not confuse desire with consent.

Phil 314 said...

Titus once again adds his load.

Anonymous said...

Every woman who claims we live in a rape culture should be dropped off in Egypt next time they riot so they can be Lara Loganed.

Or any random sub-Saharan African nature. For the rest of her life.

That'll learn 'em what a rape-culture is.