June 11, 2014

What's with all the Mister Softee?

I was asking that as we walked around Manhattan a couple week's ago. But were these Mister Softee trucks... or where they the imposter: Master Softee?!
In the ice-cream truck turf war, knives and guns have been pulled before in the name of vigilante justice. “If you see a Mister Softee truck, you know bad things are coming!” warned a rival. That music can start to sound sinister.
Start? I've seen "After Hours" — "So now she's the one in the Mister Softee ice cream truck who's trying to kill me. They're all trying to kill me!"

That music has been sinister since 1985.


Anonymous said...

I remember seeing "After Hours" in a cinema in Paris. It was subtitled in French: I would laugh at what I heard in English, and a second later would be the laughter of the French reading the subtitles. Their being French, this no doubt annoyed them.

EDH said...

Do people still hold the job title "word processor"?

They operated the technology and have not been replaced by it, have they?

What has changed since 1985?

Is it that we are all "word processors" now?

Bill Crawford said...

An ice cream truck movie set in the UK.

Local Hero

Henry said...

Don't forget the
Glasgow Ice Cream Wars.

Bill Forsythe turned that conflict into the witty Comfort and Joy.

Bill Crawford said...

Sorry - the movie is Comfort and Joy (I searched Local Hero to get the director's name)

Right link though.

Ficta said...

Wow! I absolutely love Comfort and Joy, it's my favorite Christmas movie, but I had no idea it was based on a real event.

"Remember. Formerly Mister Softee."