June 7, 2014

"What dog is this?"/"Read his name tag!"

"Oh, it's Pants."


More Pants at Dogging Meade.

AND: I love these pictures Meade took of Josie, a Westie with black dots for eyes like a dog in a comic strip. But go to the link to see that, I want to show you this picture I took of Meade as he was getting his pictures of Josie:



campy said...

Is Pants long or ... short?

traditionalguy said...

Meade is a really nice looking guy. I see why you picked him.

Anonymous said...

When Pants lies on a rug the rug is now underpants.

I was going to post this gem on Meade's site but it doesn't seem open to non-Blogger comments. Or he has a betamax3000 filter on. I'm not paranoid.

The Crack Emcee said...

I just looked at that picture of Meade and realized I don't even have free time,...

Meade said...

Thanks, tradguy.

Still, I never seem able to fully shake the nagging suspicion that what she really loves me for is my money.

Meade said...


Ha! Feel free to post comments at DoggingMeade as "anonymous".

If you want me to know it's you, just close your comment with something like:
I am, Sir, your most humble and obedient servant,

or any subservient way you like.

Fritz said...

Imagine running around the dog park yelling "I've lost my Pants."