June 28, 2014

"To make change in the world is sometimes not as complicated as people make it out to be."

"Sometimes it's just you doing something consistent like giving and receiving love."

"The clown or the trickster is here to wake people up... The best thing I can do is really become that character I've always dreamed about: The Fool."


Big Mike said...

I'd be really happy if people would stop talking and writing about changing the world and start talking and writing about changing the world for the better.

Any idiot can change the world -- Manson, Obama, others too numerous to name. Changing the world for the better is hard.

rhhardin said...

Count your change.

Rusty said...

"I'm a confused guy."
After that.
It wasn't worth watching.

At least when my oldest daughter dresses up weird it's to get on ,"The Price is Right"

Phil 314 said...

My daughter had those wings when she was younger. My son had a Halloween costume like that pencil (his was a crayon).

this is facebook level significance!