June 9, 2014

The current state of Meade's leaf composting process that I called an "art installation"...

... last November.

Today, Meade did the last of moving the leaves out of the semi-circle lawn, which had taken the form I call "the protractor."


Looking for the picture from last fall, I searched this blog for "leaves," and one thing I found was "Right now, the tiny oak leaves look like flowers." I wrote:
They're pink and less than a half inch long.

Look closer, and they seem like sugar-coated candy.

Who can picture them all brown and leathery? I can. There are still so many of last year's oak leaves strewn about the yard.
That's a post from April 30, 2007. I met Meade in person for the first time in January 2009, but Meade is there, in 2007, in the comments:
What, you mean you didn't rake, bag, and send them off to the landfill back in November?
And the answer to that question, I now see, was: No, I have been keeping them for 25 years, right here — in situ — for that art project of yours.


m stone said...

So that's where the body goes.

Hagar said...

It was and is probably against a law, ordinance, or neighborhood association rule.

chickelit said...
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Anonymous said...

So is he using the composted leaves as top-dressing for the lawn or for some other purpose?

ALP said...

Mmmmm....leaf mold! Like catnip to us composting freaks.

So what are the plans for the nice, empty space. Lawn or ornamental?

The Elder said...

Now Zeus's paws are going to get muddy on a rainy day cutting through to the backdoor. Tsk, tsk.

Perhaps you should banish them both to the dog park. Neither of them gets muddy there!