June 8, 2014

Tattoo artist doesn't really want to spend his tattooing time creating trompe l'oeil nipples.

But the universe and The New York Times keep prodding him.

Poor Vinnie Myers whose artistic skill made him really good at tattooing realistic nipples. At the end of the video at the link — which concentrates mostly on the woman's emotional arc — says:
"You know, you definitely lose the artistic satisfaction... when you're doing the nipple tattoos all day. You don't get that same gratification [that you get] when you finish a back piece or you finish a sleeve [and] you're taking the final photos. But you gain this other satisfaction that's... that's... even more rewarding."
He tried to quit. From the text of the article:
As Mr. Myers developed his technique, word spread and his business grew, giving him little time for other tattoos. Mr. Myers said that in 2010 he decided to stop doing nipple tattoos.

“The morning that I planned on telling the guys to stop taking appointments for them, my sister called to tell me she had breast cancer,” he recalled.

He took it as a sign. 


rhhardin said...

Women always say they're looking for a sense of humor, but they never actually are, Valarie, believe me.

Mark Steyn Apr 1 2011

A quote that just came up among the random Steyn-hosted Limbaugh shows, worth preserving.

That probably applies to nipple tattoos as well.

Amy said...

I got invited to a tattoo party at Vinnie's a few years ago. A bc survivor was going to have her nipples done. The other women (all survivors) were going to get assorted pink ribbon tattoos. My husband hates tattoos, so I declined the invite, figuring the peer pressure might get to me and I might come home with one. Would have been interesting though. Around here, he is THE go-to guy for women in need of this type of work. I remember one woman gushing "His work is so realistic. You can see the VEINS."

tim maguire said...

I can pity poor Vinnie. He has a talent he's tired of using, but it's far more important than anything else he'd like to do. So he keeps doing it, sacrificing his real interests.

Still, his sister's cancer is a sign for him? Sounds just a touch narcissistic. I expect his sister had a different thought when hearing the diagnosis.

Ann Althouse said...

I wanted to see some badly done nipple tattoos, the kind done on women who've had their real nipples removed, and instead I found these ridiculous things men have had done incorporating their own real nipples into imagines (like a slice of pepperoni pizza or a woman with a big breast).