June 12, 2014

Naughty wedding photography.

Posing at the fountain:


(Captured yesterday at Olbrich Gardens in Madison.)


Heartless Aztec said...

The great thing about being a guy is the ability to be 12 years old your entire life. That and the entire world is your bathroom.

David said...

Is this a cafe?

Michael Totten on Iraq, in his Dispatch of June 12, 2014:

But we are not going to save Iraq and we are not going to save Syria. It’s over. That’s what the Middle East wanted, and it’s what the Middle East is going to get.

Arab governments complain when we intervene and they complain when we don't intervene. Basically, they complain no matter what. So asking what they want is pointless. It takes a while to notice this trend over time, but there it is. They have not stopped to consider the consequences of this behavior, but those consequences are about to become apocalyptic for Nouri al-Maliki.

“We’ll kill you if you mess with us, but otherwise go die” is not even close to my preferred foreign policy, but it’s what President Barack Obama prefers (phrased much more nicely, of course) and it’s what the overwhelming majority of Americans prefer, including most liberals as well as conservatives.

Still, it’s only a matter of time before we get sucked in kicking and screaming one way or another. Because the Middle East isn’t Las Vegas. What happens there doesn’t stay there.

We're out for now, though. This is the time of festering.

traditionalguy said...

At least they weren't wearing shorts and sneakers.

Titus said...

that is so wisconsin

Dagwood said...

Hell, now I gotta hit the head.

Saint Croix said...

Is this a cafe?

I hope so! Or peeing at the wedding celebration. Either one works for angry Hillary.

In an interview with NPR(!), Hillary accuses Terry Gross(!) of twisting her words around and being out to get her. The subject? DOMA and HIllary's non-support of gay marriage.

gerry said...

Where's the Lenin statue?