June 12, 2014

Aussie shepherds in action.


Caught today by Meade... more of the action: here.


Michael The Magnificent said...

A red merle and a blue merle.

I had a black tri named Mick. Loved to watch him run! He was far better at catching frisbees than I was at throwing them. Somehow, he knew if they'd break left, right, or go straight.

Man, I love that dog. Lived to 17. I cried in the shower (no one can see you cry in the shower) for months after he passed away. Finally decided that I wasn't the one who died, and I needed to stop feeling sorry for myself.

Then I adopted another dog, Van Gogh. He was picked up as a stray in Bloomington Indiana. Spent two weeks in their city pound. Whomever lost him never came to claim him. Was transported to Milwaukee Humane Society, where I adopted him.

We spent 6 months in obedience classes, because we both had such a good time with it.

Best. Dog. Ever. Seriously, I have a list of people who've volunteered they'd be willing to watch him. My worry isn't finding someone to watch him, it's finding someone who will return him.

Just over a week ago, I adopted a 6 month old puppy, whom I've named Ansel (as in Adams, because he's black and white). He's a hand full. He's learned a lot in the last week, but he has lots more to learn. Thus far, Van Gogh has been impressively tolerant. More tolerant than I've managed, actually.

The Crack Emcee said...

Always a treat - lifts my mood every time.

Skeptical Voter said...

Sorry to hear about Mick. A good dog will eventually break your heart.

And even a bad dog will leave a few pleasant memories.

Wince said...

By "action" do you mean hot "69" doggie-porn action?

Michael The Magnificent said...

Sorry to hear about Mick.

Every day was a blessing, and he blessed me for 17 very good years.