May 14, 2014

"World Peace Is None Of Your Business."

"Morrissey 'Recites' New Single In Startling Promo Clip/Ex-Smith is joined by pal Nancy Sinatra...."


sojerofgod said...

Who is Morrissey?

Sigivald said...

Never understood why anyone ever cared about his music, either solo or with the Smiths.

Oh, well. Takes all kinds, etc.

Ann Althouse said...

I blogged this because I thought it was a very weird kind of promo, to recite the song rather than let us hear it and to have Nancy Sinatra in it.

I don't care about his music either.

Ann Althouse said...

You have to go to some trouble to get to the video, but I'm interested in showing it to you and talking about it.

If anyone likes Morrissey and can explain that to people here who don't care about him, that would be a good topic too.

Ann Althouse said...

What I'm trying to say is: If you don't watch the promo and just don't like Morrissey… that's been said and doesn't need to keep being said.

Wince said...

Anti-government and anti-crony; and not anti-American.

I'm declaring Morrissey an honorary member of the Tea Party!

Nihilism with a sense of humor. Loved him since I helped him escape a building surrounded by his frenzied fans while he hid his face behind my back until they realized and started chasing us both. Good times.

Anonymous said...

... but Meat is Murder.

I like The Smiths. Their music was a unique combination of upbeat music with depressing lyrics. How can you not appreciate lyrics like:

Belligerent ghouls run Manchester schools
Spineless swine, cemented minds


If a double-decker bus
crashes into us,
to die by your side
is such a heavenly way to die

sung to a improbably catchy tune.

Paco Wové said...

Back when I was a young sprat, I thought "How soon is now" was a pretty good song. Mostly for the main guitar line and drums, though. Never cared for Morrissey qua Morrissey, though his wildly over-the-top proto-emo doom-piled-on-suicidal-depression lyrics worked as a parody of what my gloomier friends and I were thinking on our bad days.

mccullough said...

Morrissey is a weird dude, and pretty much an asshole. I still like the Smiths but haven't paid for any Morrissey solo stuff since I saw him in concert in 1990 and he played for 35 minutes. This promo fits him well.

Unknown said...

i like moz. when i was a young depressed teenager i took his lyrics very seriously, and it was only later in life that i realized he is actually being funny and very deliberately over-the-top. for morrissey naysayers, i think if you tackle his work from this pov, you'll get a lot more out of it.

madAsHell said...

I'm sure this is a misunderstanding.

I'm looking at the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine, and they have the title as "Whirled Peas Is None of Your Business".

I can't imagine where the disconnect happened, but I'll start looking at the problem space between my chair, and my keyboard.

Titus said...

I love him. I think his music is really awesome. I loved The Smiths too.

Listen to How Soon Is Now or This Charming Man or Girlfriend in a Coma or The Queen Is Dead or Everyday is like Sunday.

It's weird but his music is very British but he has a very large Mexican following.

What I like about his music is the lyrics which are always bitchy..."Your The One For Me Fatty" and I feel like I am in England.

I also like the clothes, hair, vegetarian-Meat Is Murder is a great album-lots of cows mooing.

He is an acquired taste though. The Smiths were really important to me-I have all their and his stuff on Spotify and my Iphone. I listen to it once a week.

Titus said...

He bitches about miserable teachers lots in his songs too-I liked that and could associate with it when I was young.

Titus said...

Fun Fact-the Smiths had another song-"What Difference Does It Make".

Titus said...

I also liked the fact that they or he aren't very popular in America. They were huge in Britain but never really made it here.

Unknown said...

He'd probably kill himself if he knew World Peace/ Whirled Peas is none of your business is a straight Abraham Hicks quote (new age marketing couple.)

C R Krieger said...

Cap't Ed?

Regards  —  Cliff

Æthelflæd said...

I loved The Smiths as a teen and still have a few favorites on my playlist. For some reason his veganism, etc. amuses me rather than irritates me.

jr565 said...

The smiths were great. More, for me, for Johnny Marr's guitar. But the lyrics were pretty good too. Morrissey is, and always has been a sanctimonious ass. But he's clever, and so it sometimes works.
Meat Is Murder though is a horrible song.