May 12, 2014

When, oh, when will the world grasp the import of my self-re(v/f)erential selfie humor?

Says the sadface of James Franco, posing in a shirt patterned with sadfaces of James Franco.


Unknown said...

Why does Franco endlessly reminds us of what a jerk he is?

Skeptical Voter said...

Best to call a moratorium on selfies. If I want to see someone else's ugly puss, I'll go visit them.

Ann Althouse said...

"Best to call a moratorium on selfies."

1. You can't shut everyone up, so Franco should be credited with doing the only realistic remedy: going meta in the extreme. I salute him!

2. The spellcheck corrects "selfies" to "selfless." That's meta too.

Mary Beth said...

Let me take a #Selfie

Ann Althouse said...

@Mary Beth

Great. That was some prime aversion therapy.

But if that's been around since January and has over 100 million views, why haven't people stopped yet?

They'll never stop.

This is only the beginning.

Guildofcannonballs said...

It is so hard.

Rush illustrates absurdity with it.

Sometimes it works, other times he comes across as a jerk.

Nearly every single time I attempt hyperbole reality shows me again I can't keep up (hat tip some SNL chick, probably an affirmative action hire).

This explains my Steel Panther admiration.

They parodied what many said couldn't be parodied.

And Diamond Dave has done a lot of amazing activities and lived an exemplary American Rock Star life.

Guildofcannonballs said...

Stix Zadania.

Sticks it in ya.

Tom Sawyer is Some Lawyer.



Smilin' Jack said...

"When, oh, when will the world grasp the import of my self-re(v/f)erential selfie humor?"

When will Jimmy grasp that it's been grasped?

Ignorance is Bliss said...

I didn't know what to make of the previous selfie, but I definitely like this one.

cubanbob said...

@Mary Beth great video! Loved it, very funny in a self-mocking way just like its ancient predecessor "Valley Girls".