May 14, 2014

"The Drudge Report and National Review both deserve a share of the credit for Republican Ben Sasse’s victory in Tuesday’s Nebraska Senate primary."

Proclaims Politico.

Sasse, a Yale history PhD and official in George W. Bush’s Department of Health and Human Services, was basically unknown when he got into the race last year. His first internal poll showed him trailing former state Treasurer Shane Osborn 40 percent to 3 percent.
I'm not a Nebraska voter, so I don't know what worked in Nebraska, but what made me notice Sasse was email from Ted Cruz (received on May 11th). It read:
I am writing today to ask you to support Ben Sasse for U.S. Senate from Nebraska. He is a strong defender of the Constitution. Ben has the courage and character to stand on principle and to tell the bosses in Washington, “I don't work for you. I work for the people of Nebraska.”...

We need more conservatives who will stand up to defend the Constitution the way that Ben Sasse will. Both Sen. Mike Lee and I urgently need reinforcements like Ben in the U.S. Senate.
Please read the below email from Ben and share it with friends? With two days to go until Election Day, I strongly encourage you to support Ben.
I don't know why I get email from Ted Cruz. Nearly all of the political email I get comes from Democrats. 


David said...

Maybe he was just a great candidate?

Nah, could not be. No way a TPer could be a great candidate, right?

Original Mike said...

"I don't know why I get email from Ted Cruz. Nearly all of the political email I get comes from Democrats. "

Maybe Ted's a fan.

grackle said...

Like someone said in another thread a couple of days ago. Hey, Cruz is a smart guy - or something like that. Then as now I said, "Yep."

The Obama perpetual campaign group isn't the only savvy entity in the game.
Cruz has folks that know how to obtain demographic info and use it.

Or maybe an associate of Cruz reads the blog and figured it would be worth a try.

Big Mike said...

Maybe political races are more about candidates and issues than whether one is backed by the Tea Party wing of the GOP or by the Establishment?

Nah! Couldn't be!

mccullough said...

Very good candidates tend to win. That's true if you're conservative or not.

holdfast said...

So the trend in the GOP primaries seems to be that the "better" (i.e. more appealing, better at retail politics, better speaking etc. - the more skilled politician) candidate tends to win, and in some cases those are Tea Party types, and in others more establishment types. The net result will be a GOP caucsus with members from across the conservative spectrum. As long as they are good candidates who will do well in the general, then the system is functioning as designed. The Tea Party is not going to take over the whole GOP, and the more establishment types aren't going to wipe-out the Tea Partiers. Both sides need to resign themselves to that.

Guildofcannonballs said...

the action or process of reinforcing or strengthening.synonyms: augmentation, increase, supplementing, boosting, topping up More"reinforcement of the bomber force"

extra personnel sent to increase the strength of an army or similar force.
plural noun: reinforcements
"a small force would hold the position until reinforcements could be sent"synonyms: additional troops, fresh troops, auxiliaries, reserves; Moresupport, backup, help
"they returned later with reinforcements"

the strengthening structure or material employed in reinforced concrete or plastic.
plural noun: reinforcementssynonyms: strengthening, fortification, bolstering, shoring up, buttressing, bracing

urpower said...

War on women! The Politico headline suggests that a 2013 National Review & periodic Drudge coverage were the ticket. But Sasse pulled ahead of rivals only in the days after his endorsement by Sarah Palin.

Alex said...

There's always something nefarious behind a winning Republican. Yet nothing but sunshine and goodness behind Democrats.

Beloved Commenter AReasonableMan said...

Ben Sasse is a former Bush-administration staffer and has a Yale Ph.D.

"Meet the new boss
Same as the old boss"

Big Mike said...

@Alex, damn right! Look at Florida 13

machine said...

"I didn’t threaten to shut down the government the last time. I don’t think we should ever shut down the government. I repeatedly voted… to fund the federal government.”


Carter Wood said...

Why did you get the e-mail? I'm guessing either the Sasse campaign or National Review has a list of prominent bloggers.

richard mcenroe said...

"I don't know why I get email from Ted Cruz. Nearly all of the political email I get comes from Democrats. "

Because Ted is smarter than the DC GOP "professionals" and knows you reach potential new voters by... reaching potential new voters...