May 16, 2014

Pink nose.

From a set called "Iris" at Dogging Meade. For a black nose: "Marley."


Fandor said...

Pink, wet and ready to sniff.

lemondog said...

Pink lips

Alex said...

Down boy!

Will Sullivan said...

Uh, you guys might want to rethink this "dogging" meme.

Open your favorite interweb image search engine, make sure that safe search is off, and then search for "dogging". Be prepared to close the window fast.

Ann Althouse said...

Thanks, Will. We know all that and always did. Any play with words around here can be assumed to be intentional.

Think of all the words that would be off limits if we gave in to this rejection of whatever has been appropriated for a sexual use.

Anyway, it's the Brits. I don't see them refraining from calling cigarettes "fags."

This is my perspective as the daughter of a woman who openly called her husband, my father, "Dick."

Jerome said...

'snot pink. It's called "liver"