May 2, 2014

Observed on Observatory.

Closeup on the window sticker:

"I Still Stand With Scott Walker."

(Of course, that's always a song cue at Meadhouse... so: here.)


garage mahal said...

This is on their front-page right now:

Body-language analysis shows 'significant apprehension ... guarded behavior'

So yea, no surprise he still stands with Walker.

Sigivald said...

As much as I hate to even appear to be vaguely in agreement with garage, WND is barely a step up from PrisonPlanet in crazy/unreliable.

Drago said...

UFOs? Are those anything like secret routers

dbp said...

"I Still Stand With Governor Walker."

It looks to me like, "I still stand for Scott Walker"

Ann Althouse said...

"I Still Stand With Governor Walker." It looks to me like, "I still stand for Scott Walker""

Good point. I was over-anticipating the linked song.

Fixed it.

Drago said...

Anonymous said...

I noticed a "Stand With Walker" bumper sticker today - on a car with Florida plates near Leesburg, FL. Probably someone from The Villages who had moved from Wisconsin.

Danno said...

Ah yes, Liz Waters! I have moved my oldest daughter in/out several times about five years ago.

But to stay on point with the topic, Yeah! for Scott Walker.

Moondog said...

In Madison that seems like a good way to get your car keyed.

n.n said...

WND is almost as good The New York Times:

We Are Not Alone


Air Force Details a New Theory in U.F.O. Case

Then there is HuffPost, which dedicates a section to all things UFO:

UFO News

As for WND, apparently Kimmel wanted to know if Clinton believes in intelligent extraterrestrial life. Clinton, not surprisingly responded: it depends on what the meaning of "is" is. So, WND's focus is not quite as salacious as The New York Times or HuffPost, but each has its entertainment value.

Still, those who maintain a faith in UFOs, and intelligent extraterrestrial life, are not nearly as quirky as people who believe, or want to believe, in the myth of spontaneous conception. It just doesn't happen. That theory lost favor with the scientific discovery that babies are not delivered by storks.

Crunchy Frog said...

Am I the only one that thinks the latch on the back window looks like the one finger salute?