May 22, 2014

Looking — from the air — for 200 schoolgirls somewhere in jungle the size of West Virginia.

"I don’t think anybody’s underestimating the level of difficulty in both finding them and then being able to launch some kind of recovery mission," said the Pentagon press secretary.

I have no idea how much connection there is between what they say they are doing and what they are actually doing. Why say it before it's done unless that's not what you are doing? Disinformation. Propaganda. To bamboozle them... or us?


Sorun said...

If you want to know what they are actually doing, ask Joe Biden. He can't keep a secret.

Anonymous said...

Drop Harvey Keitel into the jungle. The problem will be solved.

Anonymous said...

Crazy Street Corner Guy Off His Meds Says:

Harvey Keitel hears it, and when Harvey Keitel hears something he cannot Unhear It, it is in his head and cannot be let out, ever. A yellow car passes by the corner and on their stereo is Fleetwood Mac, it is Stevie Nicks singing 'Gold Dust Woman' and Harvey hears it and starts to pound his chest with savage thumps, he thumps his chest and growls a long low guttural moan. Harvey says that in his Life only one woman was able to meet his insatiable appetites, only one woman could tear his clenched flesh with witchy dark red nails and that woman was Stevie Nicks.

Harvey says that in the Seventies they would stay up for nights in a row, cocaine in every orifice, ripped sheets and broken furniture and lamps covered in gypsy scarves, the hotel room would smell like sweat, Tijuana and watermelon: Stevie Nicks would shove giant slices of fresh watermelon into Harvey's wet mouth one after another until his fiery desire to bite flesh finally subsided.

Harvey says they would clamber around their hotel room like crazed monkeys in the jungle, and Stevie Nicks would warble mating calls, warble and screech, warble and screech and the hotel staff, they were too frightened to interfere, they would timidly knock on the door to let them know that there was yet another new silver tray of champagne waiting there.

Naked and high on cocaine and champagne and strange green pills they would hunch over in a corner of the room and bellow and shit on the white carpet, the room was their territory, the room was their territory and Harvey says Stevie Nicks was the only person, male or female, who could ever shit bigger than Harvey. Sometimes when Harvey says something you cannot Unhear It.

Strelnikov said...


Again, in what way are these "our girls"? If a single US serviceman is lost in this venture, Obama should be tried for murder.

traditionalguy said...

The answer is tom bamboozle. The goal of the Dems is always message the voters to win the vote, and then to act surprised by any reality that sneaks past spin control into the Media.
This is a replay of the USSR's ways. Which must really amuse former communists the world over.

Russian worker aphorism under the former Communist regime applies to Obama/Pelosi/Reid's USA: They pretend to pay us and we pretend to work.

Now what about world CO2 Taxes to exterminate the users of cheap energy.

CWJ said...

"...dense forest jungle"

I wouldn't bet on that in the northern half of Nigeria.

Michael said...

Why don't they just fly over the area and saturation bomb it with pictures of Michelle holding the powerful sign with the demanding hashtag?

Mark Nielsen said...

Oh, Betamax. Did you *have* to ruin that song for me?

John henry said...

What CWJ said. I have been seeing conflicting reports about this. It seems that the area may be dry scrubland, flatrock and desert with not much place to hide the girls.

The Chinese are very active in Africa, as in pouring billion$ of dollars into various infrastructure projects.

There is also a lot of oil recently (past 1-3 years) discovered in that region and Chad.

Might this whole thing with the girls just be a smokescreen to allow us to send troops into the area and overfly it to see what the Chinese may be up to?

The more I hear about the girls, the more I think that they are a very minor part of the story.

Yes, I have no agenda. I have no agenda today. Not in the morning, anyway.

John Henry

lemondog said...

Can aircraft use body thermal imaging surveillance to locate?

John henry said...


It is not Keitel that should be involved with this. When there is something going on and we need a distraction George Clooney is the man to call.

He's a spy.

Has he been involved in this at all?

John Henry

George M. Spencer said...

"African-Americans and Latinos are losing economic ground when compared with whites in the areas of employment and income as the United States pulls itself out of the Great Recession, the latest State of Black America report from the National Urban League says.

The annual report, called "One Nation Underemployed: Jobs Rebuild America," noted that the underemployment rate for African-American workers was 20.5 percent, compared with 18.4 percent for Hispanic workers and 11.8 percent for white workers. Underemployment is defined as those who are jobless or working part-time jobs but desiring full-time work.

The report also said African-Americans are twice as likely as whites to be unemployed. The unemployment rate for blacks was 12 percent in February, compared with 5.8 percent for whites."

Our nation has mad priorities.

Wince said...



Illuninati said...

Honestly, did anyone really think that the Obama administration was going to do anything which was effective? The time to save the girls was before the abduction occurred. Unfortunately, the Obama administration threatened to cut off aide to Nigeria if they didn't lay off Boko Harem.

Since the British stopped the traditional Muslim slave routes, the smartest thing the Bobk Harem could do is split up the girls and take them individually to the slave markets where they can serve as concubines or household slaves. Of course to the left all is well since being a slave to a Muslim is not so bad for African girls. It is just when they are slaves to Whitey that they are miserable.

Unknown said...


there. consider it done.

exhelodrvr1 said...

We need to be realistic/practical about this.

At this point, it's almost certainly too late for at least the majority of this group of girls.

1) What is being done to keep it from happening again, and

2) Everyone needs to be willing to accept a certain level of casualties among the innocents to do something that will be effective.

3) Is this the best use of our limited resources?

Brando said...

Don't worry, shaming these people on the Internet with hashtags will bring them to their knees.

Jason said...

I don't think the girls are all being held in one place by this point. They're probably split up into small groups in local warlords' residential compounds, smaller camps, homes of big donors and financiers, etc. already.

FullMoon said...

If those girls are rescued, Obama will take credit and it will become a major talking point

gadfly said...

The world needs to redirect those special surveillance airplanes that were used to chase Malaysian Air MH370 to fly over that little patch of land in Africa. That way, we would also get world wide coverage from CNN and who will cover ad nauseam, all the hashtags that Michelle My Belle can dream up.

Al from Chgo said...

BTWB* only they started too early

(*baffle them with bullshit"

Unknown said...

So incredibly sad. Let's hope the girls are found (unlikely as it may be) and that it doesn't happen again (also unlikely). But, we can always hope.

Torsten @