May 14, 2014

At the Orange Tulip Café...

... you can talk about whatever you want. (Sorry, I have to have moderation on, which makes conversation... slow. But I'll approve things quickly... at least for the next couple hours.)


Guildofcannonballs said...


That's why you're not Harvard Material, thank God.

You see, there they teach "never admit fault. Never. Ever. 'Bout nothing. Never."

So I am glad to see you're one of us.

Guildofcannonballs said...

I think we need more regulations for law abiders and more lawlessness for the lawless.

I fit right in there.

Guildofcannonballs said...

At the Andrew Dice Cafe...

"Hey lady you wanna job?



Well, I got a job for ya. Plantin' tulips.

Planting two lips on these balls."

Orange ya glad he kept it clean?

Freeman Hunt said...

If you read a lot of parenting and education books, you will read about the marshmallow test over and over and over and over and over. And over. Andoverandoverandoverandover.

That looks like Andover.

Maybe if your kid doesn't eat the marshmallow he can go there.

Guildofcannonballs said...

Sips drink.




MayBee said...

What are people commenting about?
The comments about fault and Andover seem to be referring to something, but not something in this post.

Bob Ellison said...

The tadpoles I brought in to live in a carafe on the kitchen counter died. We were worried about that.

madAsHell said...

Drudge has a picture of Ms. Abramson, and I'm thinking "ET phone home".

mccullough said...

The San Antonio Spurs have been an excellent team for 16 years now. Their management, coach, and Tim Duncan don't get nearly enough credit. If they win it again this year, it will be 5 championships and a second place finish over 16 seasons. Just an outstanding organization.

Guildofcannonballs said...

Of all the most dumbfuck thoughts in the most dumbfuck towns, for Zach de la Rocha to believe, with all (and more) of his soul, to the point of convincing millions, like me (myself it was "The Battle of L.A. on my neverending trip West) Steel Panther wasn't present was his greatest achievement.

Guildofcannonballs said...



Full of brim.

grackle said...

A poem I've been working on. Can't get it quite the way I want it yet. I figure it fits in with an orange tulip. I feel I'm a better reader for attempting these things.

The spirited sparrow

If you should startle him he flies
off all aflutter from surprise;
should he feel he needs to be shy
he becomes a speck in the sky.

No fancy dresser he, lest
he strain his meager war chest
or risk undue attention
to his pink socks' pretension.
True, his daily garb looks plain
but shows neither tear nor stain.

His missus first sewed a coat, then a vest,
patched with a pocket the size of a pea.
She thought nut brown and soft gray to be best
for her slight gent with black eyes and goatee.

Garments fitted, attire complete;
even his surprised chirps seem neat.

Guildofcannonballs said...

The great song of all history is the Grateful Dead "Deal."

It is the most anti-pro-choice song in existence.

This isn't to say God and His ways of Righteous words are mine to impute or interpret or whatnot.

Garcia, J., did it for me.

Hoping to popularize it years ago I failed.



I really tried at this. I thought about it, and it didn't work out.

So my thoughts are fucked is all I can depend on, or rely on, ,,,.

chickelit said...

Totally Dutch

I love it!

Guildofcannonballs said...

Guildofcannonballs said...

So I hate the GOP more than most.

We have the Grateful Dead, the SINGLE MOST PRO LIFE BAND EVER.

And we listen to it.

As we should of course sin-non-quo Buckley as it were for this moment.

The greatest anthem Pro Life never imagined. The fucking dead yo.



Guildofcannonballs said...

Mockery and hatred for the "but the label you but your ass I'm a eugenist" amongst.

There around their.

You can tell them by their UnBuckleyesqueness/.


FleetUSA said...

Greetings, I still prefer your "looking back" photo. The current one doesn't look that restful and may be more appropriate in a coffin. Ouch.

Rusty said...

Since it's a cafe thread I'll add this.

That is what garage wants to turn Wisconsin into. The inevitable result of one party democrat rule.

Bob Ellison said...

mccullough, if the Spurs win, it will be a miracle. They are the best team with the best coach and the best low-post player in the NBA, but it will require a miracle of Al-Franken proportions to defeat the Miami Heat.

Did you see what happened last night in Miami? Did you see? That was not a game, not a competition. It was a show, and a theft.

San Antonio, alas, is a small market in a very nice town. They will have to play Jordan-like basketball to take this championship from the ones the NBA want to win.

grackle said...

The San Antonio Spurs … Just an outstanding organization. San Antonio … will have to play Jordan-like basketball to take this championship from the ones the NBA want to win.

Don't forget that last year the Spurs would have won in 6 but for bad luck. The Heat can be beat. Nothing is inevitable. The Heat and the Spurs need to fear OKC more than each other. These playoffs have been the most exciting, the most surprising and the most hard-fought I've ever seen.

RecChief said...

it will require a miracle of Al-Franken proportions

So, the Spurs would keep demanding recounts, conducted by a guy from San Antonio, who would mysteriously find something in the trunk of someone's car that would give the win to the Spurs.

Freeman Hunt said...

I don't know about fault, but Andover wasn't from anything but "and over," and musing that there are probably plenty of type A parents who read a lot of parenting and education books who'd be happy for their kids to go there.

MayBee said...

Thanks, Freeman.

Maybe I should just stay out of cafe threads.