April 25, 2014

What happened to Robert De Niro's iPhone?

Via HuffPo. I've got to put this below the fold because I don't like something that moves on its own on the front page. You've got to click the speaker icon for the sound. It's worth it. I watched it about 20 times, mesmerized.

ADDED: What a great old man Robert De Niro became. He looks and sounds basically exactly like he always has, and even when he's befuddled and not knowing he's on camera, he's absolutely precisely Robert De Niro. Perfect. I've loved him since "Hi, Mom!" which came out when I was still a teenager and he was 23. He's still the same guy.


Saint Croix said...

Are you talking to me?

rhhardin said...

Vimeo and now Vine don't function on my machine.

I wonder if that affects producers.

"Download app." Not likely.

Sam L. said...

I. Don't. Care. Bummer.

FleetUSA said...

Neat. De Niro doesn't change.