April 25, 2014

Turtle, without and with duck.

(These photos are by me, not Meade. These are not dogs!)


Meade said...

I like dogs.

Bob R said...

Nice shot of the turtle!

Ann Althouse said...

"Nice shot of the turtle!"

Thanks. I was really pleased that I got him to smile.

He seemed a bit mopey over his relationship with the duck.

lemondog said...

The Turtle and the Duck......isn’t that an Aesop Fable?

Nice photo with the both of them.

Shawn Levasseur said...

With duck, please.

In fact, hold the turtle, I'll be eating just the duck.

Original Mike said...

"These are not dogs!"

"A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy."

paminwi said...

Science is sexist.


Gotta love UW Madison!

Saint Croix said...

This is a cafe thread, right? Turtles? I know dogs are.

Is anybody else seeing really specific ads on Instapundit?

I'm seeing attack ads against Thom Tillis. He's the speaker of the house in North Carolina, and running for the U.S. Senate against Kay Hagan.

Tillis is the establishment Republican, and the favorite. The tea party guy is Greg Brannon, who has been endorsed by Rand Paul. You get a sense of the fight here.

I've already decided I'm voting for Brannon in the primary.

But what's amazing--I have no idea how they know this, and it's kind of spooky--is that Brannon has already been soliciting money from me.

And now, on Instapundit, I'm seeing these ads that are just savaging Tillis.

There's one from Freedomworks (who I love). And Kay Hagan is running ads too! And both Kay Hagan and Freedomworks are arguing that Thom Tillis is not as hostile to Obamacare as he should be.

Here's the Hagan ad. Tillis says (basically) that Obamacare is "a great idea" but costs too much money. He's trying to sound moderate in the interview, I guess.

So is Hagan trying to help the Tea Party guy win the nomination? (Operation Chaos!)

Or does she think Obamacare is such a disaster that she wants to distance herself from it as soon as possible?

Here's the Freedomworks ad, also on Instapundit.

11th commandment, dudes.

But all these Kay Hagan ads on Instapundit, attacking Thom Tillis for supporting Obamacare, it's pretty surreal.

persiflage mahal said...

A bit defensive about your animal photography, Althouse.

Michelle Dulak Thomson said...


The Turtle and the Duck......isn’t that an Aesop Fable?

Nah, you're thinking of the Owl and the Pussycat.

Titus said...

I just watched one of my fave movies...Paris Is Burning.. Fuck that shit is good.

Realness, shading, reading, voguing, jesus those queens were fierce!!!!

Those queens should of sued madonna's ass big time.

Rusty said...

An eastern painted turtle.

Saint Croix said...

I'm trying to play Candy Crush and that damn Thom Tillis ad pops up.

Kay Hagan, please stop stalking me, thank you.

gadfly said...

@paminwi said...
Science is sexist.


Gotta love UW Madison!

The Campus Reform writer has nice tits - but be assured I am not offering an opinion on Pam's physical attributes.

Clyde said...

The log reminds me of one at Six Mile Cypress Slough in Fort Myers, FL, just down the road from the Twins' spring training ballpark. The Slough has a nature trail that's a couple of miles long, and there are little scenic outlooks onto the ponds. The one I'm thinking of usually has a turtle or two sunning itself, and it's not uncommon to see alligators as well. Our waterfowl are mostly herons and ibises rather than ducks, with the occasional cormorant or anhinga.

sojerofgod said...

It is good to know that after a lifetime in the Academy you can still tell the difference between a turtle and a duck!
With some of your peers I would not be so confident.
If it walks like a turtle and croaks like one, is it a cisturtle?
I have been trying to work that new id10t prefix into a sentence for weeks now just to see what happens.

sojerofgod said...

a cisturtle and a sea turtle were in a box at a French restaurant. the cisturtle exclaimed, "They can't do this to me!" the sea turtle replied, " Shut up. We're in the soup tonight."