April 19, 2014

"To those who see an inconsistency in this column's criticizing Obama for using a gag we've employed in the past..."

"... let us clarify things with a Shermanesque answer to a question nobody is asking: We promise that we will never run for, or serve as, president."

Says James Taranto, addressing my mockery of Obama for using the "stages of grief" meme to mock Republicans, a meme Taranto has himself employed to mock Obama.


The Drill SGT said...

Obama's whole approach in these press events is to insult the GOP, their ideas, their motives, them personally, then go on to bemoan the Congressional gridlock and the lack of civility in DC.

So much for changing the tone and dynamic in Washington.

Teh O is all:

"My way or the highway"
"We won"

Illuninati said...

"Blogress Ann Althouse astutely observes that Obama skipped "bargaining," perhaps "because he doesn't want his party to have to bargain with the other side.""

Way to go Ms. Althouse, you nailed it!

Gahrie said...

I demand that every Republican immediately condemn this baseless and racist attack on the president and distance themselves from this blogger.

Mid-Life Lawyer said...

Excellent point. Great column by Taranto and nice to see him attribute Althouse.

It's a shame that this type analysis doesn't reach 95% of the Obama voters. Too nuanced. I really don't think the President goes that far in most of his thinking. He may not be nearly as smart as advertised and even if he is, he's just too lazy. Laziness is the mark of this President but it's not often said because it's too easy to "dog whistle" it.

JRoberts said...

I hope I live long enough (and this nation survives that long) for the general consensus to publically acknowledge what a total, incompetent fool this President has been.