April 7, 2014

The Crack Emcee is on the radio...

... right now. Listen here. [UPDATE: The live broadcast is over now. But you can stream or download it here.]

NOTE: He's there to talk. There's also music that's not his. Don't let me confuse you into mistaking Elvis for Crack.

AT 10:20 CT: The music part is over and Crack is talking now.

AT 10:43: They are going through some kind of countdown of greatest recordings of all time (from the "psychedelic soul" view point), and I like that the Little Richard song is "Rip It Up." That's my favorite Little Richard song. AND: Trying to retrospectively add a Little Richard tag to this blog, I discover a hidden reference to Little Richard in the dialogue from the Beatles' movie "Hard Day's Night": "Have you no natural resources of your own?... You could learn more by gettin' out there and living!"/"Out where?"/"Any old where! But not our little Richard. Oh, no. When you're not thumpin' them pagan skins you're tormenting your eyes with that rubbish."

AT 10:50: Crack gives a shout-out to "Meade and Ann."

AND: Actually the countdown is of Uncle Ray’s Top 100 Albums. You can see the whole list here. Little Richard's "Little Richard, “Here’s Little Richard," is #78, and I don't know the criteria for picking the track from the album.

11:10: After Uncle Ray says he loves on-line trolls, Crack disagrees and says: "It can get very dark." And the next subject is Nirvana, because Nirvana's "Unplugged" is next on the list (at #74). Crack expresses great appreciation for Kurt Cobain, "including the way he took himself out. He was very definitive about that." The album cut playing is "All Apologies."

11:25: Discussion of the n-word. (NSFW on the music that follows.)

11:42: After Ray played Meatloaf (which I had to turn way down), Crack said: "Meatloaf is the perfect example of why The Ramones were so necessary."

11:45: Crack finds more misogyny in Led Zeppelin than in rap.

11:55: Ray says Crack will be back next week "unless you get a job," and Crack says: "You're as bad as people on line."


SJ said...

Not able to listen to that right now. Is there a recorded version avaialble?

After reading this post about patronage, I now view Crack in a different light.

(The author of that post runs her own blog, which is much quieter than the group blog hosted by DaTechGuy.)

Crack is smart, but carries a chip on his shoulder that has somehow turned into a pair of blinders.

That chip is an example of how a Patronage mindset becomes a different form of slavery.

I pity the guy.

Ann Althouse said...

@SJ I think there's an archive under the "podcast" tab, so maybe later this will be there.

They are going through a countdown of greatest recordings of all time (from the "psychedelic soul" view point)… I think.

B said...

SJ said, "I pity the guy."

My pity ends when he starts twisting everything to cast those who disagree with him as bigots or racists. Jonathon Chait ran into this with TNC.

But it’s also impossible for even the most careful writer to survive the method Coates is applying here, which is that of a hostile prosecutor combing the evidence for every shred of possible guilt.


Coates and Crack Emcee destroy all possible good will I might have for them.

SteveR said...

I appreciate that he may be smart and have wise things to say about certain important topics. Its not that interesting to me, and there are plenty of issues that affect me more than whatever creates his passion. Sorry

tim in vermont said...

When does he go into his rant about cults and how anti communists are really just pro-slavery neoconfederates?

SMGalbraith said...

The leading figures in American history - at least most of it - either owned slaves or thought that black people were inferior to white people.

And folks here can't understand why some black Americans are sceptical about the country?

Sure, it can be carried too far; but we have 200+ years of history and for most of it black people were treated like second class citizens. At best.

As Faulkner said: "The past is not dead. In fact, it's not even past."

FleetUSA said...

Great rhythmic music. Maybe I don't go with the politics but the music is good.

Michael The Magnificent said...

I have read enough of Crack's you-owe-me posts to know that I have no interest in hearing anything he has to say.

And I'm quite sure he'll chalk up my rejection of his perverted sense of justice to racism on my part.

Bob Ellison said...

I clicked, presumably way too late, and they're playing some awful rap. Not hip-hop, but rap, and bad stuff.

This is a problem with online/blog links to "Listen to this now!" things. If it isn't buffered, it doesn't work, and in my case, it makes me think I should never click again there.

FullMoon said...

"Now the time has come
There's no place to run
I might get burned up by the sun
But I had my fun
I've been loved and put aside
I've been crushed by the tumbling tide
And my soul has been psychedelicized"

Ann Althouse said...

"I clicked, presumably way too late, and they're playing some awful rap."

No, they are doing a countdown, and I've linked to the list, and you can see what is coming up. There's lots of variety. What you didn't like was Public Enemy (#75), but here's what's coming up after that (in reverse order

Michael Jackson, “Off the Wall”
Fleetwood Mac, “Rumors”
The Doors, S/T
Notorious B. I. G. – “Ready to Die”
Bad Brains, “Rock For Light”
Dinosaur Jr., “You’re Living All Over Me”
King Crimson, “Discipline”
Meatloaf, “Bat Out Of Hell”
Dr. Dre, “The Chronic 2001”
Zombies, Odessey & Oracle
Nirvana, “Live on MTV’s Unplugged”
Public Enemy, “It Takes A Nation of Millions..”

campy said...

Count me with Michael The Magnificent.

Tank said...

Pretty diverse list. One of my two favorite bands comes in at number 50; the other is absent. But there's lots of good music there, and some I never heard of LOL.

Tank said...

And some rap crap too.

Chef Mojo said...


I mean, I have SO much incentive to give a rat's ass about the soi-disant musical commentary of a nasty little gutter snipe, don't I?

And you got a shoutout, Althouse? I'm sure that sent a tingle up your leg.

Scott M said...

Crack finds more misogyny in Led Zeppelin than in rap.

I'm glad that was the last line in the blog article because that's exactly where you would have lost me.

damikesc said...

And folks here can't understand why some black Americans are sceptical about the country?

Again, if history cannot be overcome, then why should white folks TRY any longer?

There seems to be, literally, zero benefit.

Unknown said...

"Our little Richard" refers to Richard Starkey, Ringo's real name.

Sorun said...

I'm as happy to not listen to his radio broadcast as I am to skip by his comments on this blog.

Marshal said...

After Uncle Ray says he loves on-line trolls, Crack disagrees and says: "It can get very dark."

Apparently Uncle Ray doesn't understand Crack is the troll.

sane_voter said...

I was guessing the recent moderation was to keep Crack from crapping the comment sandbox.

Guess I was wrong. But it has been a nice respite for whatever the reason

Robert Cook said...

"...they're playing some awful rap. Not hip-hop, but rap...."

Rap is hip hop; hip hop is rap.

traditionalguy said...

Crack is my friend. I sincerely appreciate his intelligence and communications skills even when he goes legalistic on select issues for which he calls for repentance. He is a good man.

Gahrie said...

After Uncle Ray says he loves on-line trolls, Crack disagrees

How can he disagree? Crack is an online troll.

and says: "It can get very dark."

What's wrong weith dark?


AJ Lynch said...

Crack - isn't he that guy in the commercials they claim is the most interesting man in the world? Oh no I have that backwards- Crack is the most boring man in the world.

tim maguire said...

Well sure, Chief, Crack's a boring one-note attention whore, but he's our boring one-note attention whore.

Gives it a "local boy makes good" angle.

Xmas said...

Did the DJ really make a crack about Crack not having a job?

Was that a "He should have his own radio show" statement or was it a terrible joke?

SomeoneHasToSayIt said...

I rest my case.

Black Crack Emcee, who has made many many idiotic posts here, gets promoted.

Shameless pandering, but not surprising. I'm still embarrassed for the Madison Nutcracker audience that raised the decibels for the one Black dancer, even though his skill was just average.

Ann Althouse said...

""Our little Richard" refers to Richard Starkey, Ringo's real name."

Yes, of course, that's why I said it was hidden. I'd never noticed what may or may not be an intentional allusion to the performer who influenced the Beatles.

Henry said...

Robert Cook wrote: Rap is hip hop; hip hop is rap

Form is emptiness. Emptiness is form.

RecChief said...

I get exasperated with his one trick pony rants, but for a minute there, I thought this was a regular gig for him, and was going to congratulate him.

After reading several of his rants, I'm sure I would not be a regular listener, and there is a lot to agree with in what SJ said, but good for him if he can make it stick.

EMD said...

Public Enemy, “It Takes A Nation of Millions..”

Fantastic album. In my top 25 of all time.

David said...

Crack is branching out.

When I tuned to the station, I got a lengthly dissertation on hydraulic fracturing spoken in a manly and authoritative voice. Since it's manly and authoritative. it's got to be Crack. But it was kind of dull. No way you could dance to it. Plus the political content was surprisingly right wing.

mccullough said...

Great line about Meatloaf and The Ramones.

jacksonjay said...

Black Crack Emcee, who has made many many idiotic posts here, gets promoted.

Happens all the time in public school! Trouble maker is promoted to office pet in hopes that it will reform him.

Dark in CrackVille = Whitey won't agree, cower and apologize!

Ray Wilcox said...

Hey folks, Uncle Ray here, I am the DJ that was fortunate to have Crack Emcee on the show today. Here's a link to the podcast.


Uncle Ray's Psychedelic Soul runs on radiovalencia.FM Monday mornings 8-10 am Pacific Time. It's an eclectic music based show, Crack is a great friend and musical compadre I've known since the early 90's. So glad he is back in the bay and honored to have him on my show- I'm hoping he will be a regular collaborator.

Meade said...

Hi, Ray. We enjoyed the show and will tune in for more. Loved your conversation with Crack.

Ann Althouse said...

Hi, Ray! Thanks for commenting. We loved the show and thought Crack, our longtime commenter here, was excellent on the radio, so I do hope you have him back!

alan markus said...

Awesome, Ray Wilcox!

This is why I visit Althouse - I find things here that I would never find anywhere else. (actually this is where I found Macho Response/Crack Emcee many years ago).

Bob Ellison said...

Here, try this.

Michael said...

SM Galbraiath:

Could not agree more. But these pretty statements are only made to make ourselves feel good, no? Just some more words to type so people will note our goodness.

The question for you is, now what? The pretty statement does not, by the way, provide armor against your intrinsic racism, your white supremacy, so you can type them a thousand times without effect.

Alex said...

Picking on Led Zeppelin because they're white.

Bob R said...

I really like Ray's list. Always good to see a list with personality rather than one of those soulless lists-by-committee. Now I have to go listen to Eight Mile High and Younger Than Yesterday to try to figure out if I think YTY is the better Byrds representative of the "Psychedelic Soul" point of view.

DaTechGuy said...

It really caught me offguard when SJ called my site a "group blog"

When I hired my magnificent seven writers I didn't really think of my site as a group blog rather than my blog. I just thought of it as my blog with paid writers added.

I'd be interested in people opinion, is DaTechGuy blog actually a group blog now or because the writers are paid should I classify it otherwise?

jr565 said...

"11:45: Crack finds more misogyny in Led Zeppelin than in rap."
C ' mon be serious. Listen to NWA's second album. There's more misogyny in that one album than all of Zeppelin and the Yardbirds combined.how then is zep more misogynisitc than all of rap?
Rap is all about life ain't nothing but bitches and money.!
Now zep has a song about dating a prostitute, but Plant doesn't call her a bitch.
And so,maybe that's why the misogyny is so much worse in rap. Very little subtlety and innuendo and nuance. Just calling women bitches and hoes.

DaTechGuy said...

Hmm SJ I really never thought of my site as a Group blog since the writers like Baldilocks are all paid.

But that's an interesting point (although off topic) that I'd like your opinions on.

Is Datechguy on DaRadio blog still my (DaTechguy's) blog because the writers are paid to contribute once or twice a week or is payment irrelevant to the classification making it a group blog now?

jr565 said...

Look up the lyrics to She Swallowed It By NWA. ONOE SONG is more misogynistic than all of zeppelin. And that's one song on an entire album of songs in a similar vein.

Don't get me wrong I cracked up the first time I heard the album. But that doesn't mean they it wasn't misogynist.

Scott M said...

Gives it a "local boy makes good" angle.

Who you callin' "boy", cracka?

befinne said...

I stopped read the Crack Emcee's blog about six months ago. One trick pony. Boring.

Drago said...

Robert Cook: "Rap is hip hop; hip hop is rap."

Shut up white boy.

befinne said...

I stopped reading the Crack Emcee's blog about six months ago. One trick pony. Boring.

Drago said...

Ray Wilcox: "http://radiovalencia.fm/podcasts/?show=psychedelic%20soul

Thanks for the link Ray.

What part of the bay are you in?

I spent a number of years in the northbay.

You know, the armpit of the bay.

Though I'm not sure that is the case any longer.

Freeman Hunt said...

Crack on the air, hooray! Will check for a podcast later.

NotquiteunBuckley said...

The soul of a woman was created below said her BACKDOOR man.

Phil 3:14 said...

Pimping for Crack, seriously!

Drago said...

Crack you big dummy!

I enjoyed your show with Ray!

I have lots of great memories of listening to Tower of Power on KFRC way back when and your show brought alot of those memories back to the fore.

Saint Croix said...

I love Fishbone. Anybody who plays Ray Charles and Fishbone in the same set, wow. Can you imagine seeing Fishbone open for the Beastie Boys?

Saint Croix said...

And now it's the Ramones! This is awesome.

Saint Croix said...

play some Hepcat and I will die of happiness

stlcdr said...

When Crack gets involved, it devolves into a race to the bottom painting blacks and whites with the same brush.

Ignorance is Bliss said...

Meatloaf is the perfect example of why The Ramones were so necessary.

I thought The Ramones were necessary so that pretentious assholes who wanted to look cool by wearing a T-shirt for a band they didn't actually listen to would have shirts to wear.
You know, before they figured out they could wear shirts from bands that older people like, but wear them ironically.