April 27, 2014

"Look at the Photo: a woman, surrounded by oblivious oversized sausages, forced to follow their direction..."

"... is this not a cry for Help?"


betamax3000 said...

I am going for my PhD in Althouseology.

Bob said...

There's definitely some cultural appropriation going on there too.

madAsHell said...

yeah....i dunno.
I'm not seeing the oblivious oversized sausages.

Ya' know, there is a door in my head that I never open. I'm thinking this is the reason why.....but it looks good on you.


Ann Althouse said...

traditionalguy said… "I can tell that Betamax is a CNN Certified located expert with hundreds of hours of Flight 370 locating experience. The key to finding the real Althouse is also the pings and the pongs pointing to Supreme Court Recent Decisions sheets found floating in Lake Moana. Betamax should write for SNL."

I'm copying this for you in lieu of letting it disappear as a result of the necessary deletion because you added about 10 lines of blank space to your comment.

Please don't do that again.

traditionalguy said...

Thanks. Sorry for the slip up.

RonF said...

That opening line sounds like the plot of a bukkake film.