April 11, 2014

"It’s almost like a drug song or a mental attitude song, or a wishful thinking song. But you don’t really know for sure."

"You can’t pin it down because he don’t come out and say. One of the wonderful things about Bob Dylan music is everybody can draw their own conclusions about what he’s talking about."

Says Charlie Daniels about "Mr. Tambourine Man," one of 10 Bob Dylan songs covered on his band's new album "Off The Grid-Doin' It Dylan."

One of my readers sent me that recording (via Amazon gift). Thanks! Meade and I are enjoying it.


Wilbur said...

If you had told me when I first saw CDB live 40 years ago that he'd still be making thoughtful music today, I'd have said you er, ... need to give some of what you're smoking.

urpower said...

The song is likely elaborated from the tambourine playing mad black boy in "Moby Dick."

traditionalguy said...

I liked Daniels way of singing Dylan. Dylan is a common man with a special muse.

Smilin' Jack said...

There is a reason that the Byrds' version was a #1 hit and Dylan's version was not. See if you can guess the reason. (Hint: some people can sing, and some people...)

Rusty said...

Dylan is a common man.


Solidly middle class from what would be considered upper middle class parents in Hibbing Minnesota.
He always wanted to be thought of as 'Common' and went through great lengths to lie about his past.
Son of middle class jews who owned a jewelry store in Hibbing doesn't exactly impose working class street creds.

Chris Roussel said...

You need to listen to "Red On Blonde" by Tim O'brien. It's his album of Dylan covers. A match made in heaven. His version of Señor (Tales of Yankee Power) is beautiful. There are other Dylan songs on there that I had never heard before from anyone, but really show what a great songwriter Dylan was.

paul a'barge said...

Bonus! Went to Amazon, bought the song. Great version. My take on the song is that it is a Christian prayer and Jesus is the Tambourine Man.