April 4, 2014

"I’m telling you, I swear to God, the face looked like a rubber mask."

"If I thought for one instant it was a real person I would have called the police, my manager, everyone I could think of."


David said...

Dear God.

I am sorry the man was fired. He needs a hug.

Lucien said...

How old would Kitty Genovese be now?

Qwerty Smith said...

Yes, the guy was just doing his job! We read this and we already know its a corpse, so the guy sounds dim. But someone who has not been queued would not expect to find a corpse laying around, and so would have no reason to suspect that something that didn't look like a corpse was, in fact, a corpse. Presumably, the guy wasn't fired for *repeatedly* putting tenants into the dumpster. Anyone who has ever made a dumb mistake, or maybe a not-dumb mistake, should cut this guy some slack.

stlcdr said...

In some circles, falling for an April Fools joke can have the ridicule of falling for it drawn out for an extended period of time.

Ridicule - and the greater forms of it - are becoming a significant part of society (TV reality shows, hidden cameras everywhere). It can be very damaging to a persons psyche. at the same time, though, people do need to develop a thicker skin.

While, in this case at first glance, it seems hard to accept that a dead body looks like a mannequin, we are not in the position to judge - posting pictures, obviously, is a fine line that would need to be crossed. How many of us routinely see and identify dead bodies?

I have a sad feeling that there's a possibility that the outcome from this may be further tragic.