April 1, 2014

"I'd cracked out a clean T, changed my bedding, and dutifully slept in it au naturel for three nights, without perfume."

"Even so, there wasn't much of an odour, but this is about pheromones, so I trusted there'd be a subtle allure to draw in the man of my dreams."
After sticking my nose in a few bags it became clear there were three distinct categories of smell: the not-really-smelling-of-anything-except-washing-powder, the drenched-in-aftershave, and the bloody-hell-have-you-never-considered-deodorant?...

"All the girls are too clean," one bloke complained. "Weren't the rules that you couldn't wash?" It turned out that he had provided one of the more potently "natural" offerings on the table.


chickenlittle said...

A T-shirt is very likely not drenched in the requisite copulins. She'll have to try hardener next time.

chickenlittle said...

Talking chemistry and sex, I've already called attention to the male, basic nature of amines, and the female, receptive nature of acids, copulins included: link

If that analogy bothers you, think instead of plugs and sockets or hands and gloves.

Titus said...

This made me horny. I enjoy smelling a rank armpit, but the cock and ass need to be squeaky clean and preferably smell of old school Pinaud, which I wear everyday.

It really is a balancing act.


rehajm said...

pheromones are a pleasant natural odor one emits upon just leaving the shower.

Fermentation is something else. It is not good.

Titus said...

If there is a small hint of cock sweat around the hog region I am fine and maybe even entranced.

Any more then a hint and I barf, get a softy, and immediately leave.

Scott said...

If you sold the used undies , would that be prostitution?

Ebay's Used Clothing Policy prohibits the sale of:

Athletic supporters


Boxer shorts

Children's sized underwear


Jock straps



Any used clothing item with content we find to be inappropriate. We consider the overall content of the listing, including the description and images, when making this assessment.

Used articles of clothing marketed or described as well-worn fetish items are strictly prohibited

surfed said...


Wilbur said...

This sounds like a subject ripe for an NPR Morning Edition segment.

Titus said...

I just heard Frankie Knuckles died today. I am so sad. I danced to him constantly in the early 90's.


Roughcoat said...

This sounds like a subject ripe for an NPR Morning Edition segment.

With ambient SFX of a Nicaraguan peasant woman making tortillas: slap slap slap slap slap.

rhhardin said...

Body odor as opposed to pheremones depends on how much oil you put out in your skin, if you're not washing.

So I'd think you'd get just body odor except for the dry-skinned people, from not washing.

RecChief said...

I think Napoleon wrote to Josephine after a campaign, "will be home in three days, don't wash"

YoungHegelian said...

On a related odiferous note, a friend of mine once had an indoor cat who got out and got lost. He tried to find the cat in the neighborhood, but to no avail.

I told him that his cat was lost in the great outdoors, and unlike humans who use visual sign posts to determine where we are, the poor cat had no scent sign posts to tell him where he was. My friend needed to create some scent sign posts. I told him to sweat & stink up a storm in his clothes & then put his top & bottom undies outside overnight (human sudiferous glands are clustered in the arm pits & genital area, so top & bottom undies are best).

The next morning he opens up the back door & there on the patio is his cat.