March 11, 2014

Smelling spring.

It's in there.


Kevin said...

That's something that's always puzzled me.

We always hear "A dog's nose is thousands of times more sensitive than a humans..."

Really? Then why would a dog have to stick it's nose right at another dogs butt to get a good whiff?

And why would they need to get right up and stick their nose in a dead animal? Can't they smell it nearly as well from several feet away...?

These are the things that keep my up at night. Not "where is that missing jet?" or "what is Putin really up to in Ukraine?".

Meade said...

"It's in there."

Find it! Get it! Bring it! Goooood boy!

rhhardin said...

Today was the first day for tee-shirt bike commuting.

Tomorrow is forecast to have a low of 8 degrees F, 62 degrees colder.

khesanh0802 said...


It is funny how a dog that can obviously smell something from yards away has to ultimately stick his/her nose right in whatever it is. Even better, if it's really rotten they will also roll in it!

Saint Croix said...

I am working my way through season 2 of Breaking Bad. Still not loving it.

Except for Saul, who is frickin' awesome.

I can't wait for the spin-off.

madAsHell said...'s Spring that the dog is smelling.

David said...

The dogs are Cabernet and Merlot. Good noses.