March 30, 2014

"Ms. Moore suggested that Mr. Clinton invoke God 'as the underpinning for his policy and thought process.'"

The least bland thing in the NYT article "Newly Released Clinton-Era Papers Show Damage Control During Scandal."


Bob Ellison said...

Hillary Rodham Clinton has no political pedigree. She was married to a POTUS, and she was someone during Watergate. That's it. She has no claim to power. That's it. She will die in shame for asking "What difference, at this point, does it make?"

Bob Ellison said...

Awful, awful person. America should shun jerks like Hillary.

America's Politico said...

Prof. It will not matter. The next POTUS is Hillary! There is no other option. Why?

1. GOP has no vision.
2. GOP has problems (BIG) with women and minorities.
3. GOP is the Party with No Leadership Experience.
4. No one in the Main Stream Press, esp. at NYT, NPR, PBS, and CNN, likes GOP.
5. No foreign country wants to deal with GOP.
6. GOP is anti-Science.
7. GOP is anti-Immigration.
Etc. Etc. Etc.

GOP needs to start by focusing on 2020 or 2024. here is how:
1. GOP needs to fall in love with Science.
2. GOP needs to focus on recruiting women and minorities.
3. GOP needs to become obsessive in love with immigrants.
4. GOP needs to develop a vision.
Etc. Etc. Etc.

Forget 2016. It is over. HRC is the POTUS. It is already decided by those who matter.

madAsHell said...

She will die in shame

She who cannot be shamed.

rehajm said...

In the wake of Obama's never apologize, brute force obsession with optics, the Clinton strategies for dealing with their scandals seem so quaint and unsophisticated. I recall the staged Bill and Hill dancing together on the beach farce. Supposedly an unauthorized candid caught by a presser with a long lens, even though Secret Service doesn't allow anyone unsupervised within rifle range...

I suspect Clinton's current methods have not sufficiently evolved for today's more cynical public.

Wayworn Wanderer said...

Bill's a lying pig. We knew this. We know it's true about Hillary.
These things are no problem for America's Politico, but they are deal breakers for me.

Sam L. said...

That suggestion would likely be the least believable.

Jim S. said...

I guess this is supposed to show the hypocrisy of the Left: how many times have people mocked Republicans for taking God seriously? But there are people who take God seriously on both sides of the political aisle, just as there are people who are contemptuous of religion on both sides of the political aisle. I really don't see religion as a political issue, except to say that both sides try to bolster their credibility by appealing to God when they think it will help them keep power.

Fen said...

[video of First Lady Hillary Clinton blaming sexual harassment on a "Vast Right-wing Conspiracy"]

[fade to 4 pics - Jones, Wiley, Lewinsky, Broaddrick]

[video of Sec State Hillary Clinton tesifying "what difference does it make!"]

[fade to 4 pics - Doherty, Smith, Stevens, Woods]

Not the kind of person we want in office.