March 5, 2014

At Quincy and Howie's Café.

It's Quincy:

And Howie:

And Quincy and Howie:


Biff said...

Has Meade ever done photography as a profession? He's quite good.

Ann Althouse said...

Answering a question from yesterday's Zeus's birthday post:

SayAahh said: "Is it possible to learn what breeding kennel Zeus came from? He is a classic black lab."

Answer: The breeder is Gateway Labs, and if you go here, the top picture is Zeus's father.

Drago said...

Just another study designed to make working women feel better about themselves.

Transparently obvious.

For the record i have no issue with any decision any woman makes regarding work and home life balance.

Btw those "short term" benefits are not really so short term (a decade or more is short term? Really?) And are tremendously beneficial.

But hey, War on Women or something.

Drago said...

Egads! Wrong thread! Help me Mr Peabody!

For crack: mr peabody is a 70's cartoon subreference about a smart dog who was White!

Forgive the writers and animators crack. They knew not what they did.

Richard Dolan said...

What is it with all this dog stuff? Every day seems to end with a doggie-cafe. It's against health regs, at least in NYC, to bring them into a real cafe (except for the medically necessary types).

Time for a little cruel neutrality focused on the dog-pile, don't you think?

Titus said...

Quincy, Mass?

I was in Princeton the past five days and it thinks its fab but it is now.

Princeton has the most expensive housing costs in all of NJ.

Princeton sucks.

The Godfather said...

The dog sweater has displays both peace symbols and jolly rogers. Doesn't that send mixed messages?

David said...

Meade, do you realize the gold mine you have here?

The dog portrait business is poised for takeoff. Easily monetized. Ditch the Creative Commons. A peppy web site. A kiosk at the entrance to the dog park. Between that and the Amazon Portal, you two are set for the future.

Turn your hobby into cash in 54 easy steps!

St. George said...

The Spaghetti Marshmallow Design Challenge...

You and your team have 20 pieces of spaghetti, a yard of string, a yard of tape, and one marshmallow.

You have 18 minutes to build the tallest possible freestanding structure that will bear the weight of a marshmallow on top.

Who builds the tallest tower? The MBAs? The lawyers? The engineers? The architects? Or some other group?

Rich Buck said...


traditionalguy said...

Zeus has a competitor for superdog. It's Quincy!

garage mahal said...

Answer: The breeder is Gateway Labs, and if you go here, the top picture is Zeus's father.

My chocolate lab just had a birthday too. I'm thinking about getting another lab. Black this time.

SayAahh said...


That is a handsome chocolate.
I like the blocky look.

We have an "English" black Lab and she could be shown. She is perfect.

garage mahal said...

English labs are the best. Really nice temperaments compared to some American style labs in my opinion. I don't have better pics on this computer. He is really filling in the past 4 months. Here is the sire.