March 6, 2014

At the Close-Up White Dog Café...

... it's a more intimate, late-night ambiance.


roger said...

canine ambiance

I like it

George M. Spencer said...

It's a beautiful day for "White Bird."

madAsHell said...

It should be a contest to name the dog, and then our hostess can advise us of the real name.

I'm guessing this one is named Snowball.

Anonymous said...

Oh Goodness I love this photo. It is Sean Connery Dog.

Anonymous said...

Meade = Sean Connery
Althouse = Helen Mirren

I will write the script later.

james conrad said...

to many dog posts

Carter Wood said...

Serious question from a non-dog fan, although I love your photos:

Is the dog parked policed, i.e., in the sense of cleaning up the mess?

I ask because the photos in snow are so delightful. I wonder if they're representative.

Thank you, cw

southcentralpa said... Ted Cruz at CPAC -- scroll down for "curation" credit...

(b3000 -- I have difficulty picturing the Professor warbling "Me too" after Meade says "Boy, I remember the Secret Service being a lot tougher..."(although I can easily picture her rocking a Ma Deuce))

(The movie Red(and yes, I know it was Malkovich and not Connery))

Ann Althouse said...

"Is the dog parked policed, i.e., in the sense of cleaning up the mess?"

There's only the social pressure. We've never seen enforcement, and there's a requirement that you buy an annual tag for your dog. Some people fail to buy the tag and if you go all year and your tag is never checked, there's a temptation not to buy the tag the following year. For the record, the dog Meade takes to the park has a tag.

At some point in the early spring, there's a cleanup day, and volunteers go through the park and pick up the mess that other people missed over the snow season. Do they miss it by accident or on purpose (or "accidentally on purpose")?

If you always diligently picked up after your dog, would you volunteer? Meade does.

Hagar said...

These people don't understand how this looks, or they just don't care?

Limited Blogger said...

Wow. "Blue Jasmine" was the script at Dewey.

rhhardin said...

Major dysfunction has led me to install a new power train on my bike, before the last of the possible snows and road salts makes it optimal.

New chainwheel, crank arms, rear derailleur, chain, freewheel cluster.

All were worn beyond reuse.

Time 3 hours, involving a hacksaw and a lot of liquid wrench.

No blood drawn (unusual).

The new parts didn't exactly fit where the old ones went, a result of bike component redesigns to make you buy more stuff, but I managed.

Now to set off for the the store, armed with 9mm socket and screwdriver for on the road adjustments.

Anything more serious involves a walk.

You get about 8,000 miles on a power train, and then it all needs replacement.

The chain stretches, making it wear the chainwheel faster.

The chainwheel teeth wear down, until pedal force causes the chain to skip off.

The freewheel cogs hook, causing the same thing for an opposite reason.

The derailleur was just too spring-weak to work any longer.

Now the gears shift smartly to the index setting, instead of lagging two behind.

On the other hand, things go out of adjustment very fast with new stuff.

rhhardin said...

My father worked at Dewey Balantine. He always declined to be a partner. A salary is fine, thanks.

Dewey called him once to find out the area of a sail from the sides, knowing that my father would know the formula.