March 8, 2014

"A black briefcase on the side of Bernard Road was found to contain not business files but a dead animal."

A mortified motorist called the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office after going through a Whitefish Stage Road intersection and having another driver come running up to her vehicle and pound on her window, yelling at her to open her door. She said she may have turned out in front of the vehicle but that there was plenty of room, and that she was now in a parking lot getting her composure back.
The police news from Montana, where, also, a boulder fell on U.S. 93 South. Cars drove around it.

It seems like a David Lynch film, perhaps one that is a distillation of traditional Chinese culture.


paminwi said...

This kind of news, minus the boulder falling, can be found locally in the Police Report section of the local Verona Press.

Lyle Sanford, RMT said...

I'm pretty sure I saw on Dave Barry's blog - which has a lot of Flathead news - that this newspaper is run by Maury Povich - but that might be a joke too.

Ann Althouse said...

If you can find police news as well done as what consistently appears at Daily Inter, put up the link and I'll add it to the set of tabs I open when I'm idly looking for bloggable things.

It's one thing to report the police news, another to put it in words that are hilarious day after day (without technically violating the principle that you are telling the story factually and not ridiculing the people).

St. George said...

Be glad it didn't contain Marcellus Wallace's soul.