February 16, 2014

The One-Sided, Out-of-Context Valentine's Dialogue now playing in its full context — Glenn Loury and I are talking about love, sex, and gender.

Here's the out-of-context, super-short tease I posted last night, and here's the fully dimensional interrelationship:

ADDED: You might particularly like this segment about the notion of women marrying "up" or "down":


rhhardin said...

Glenn Loury and Me talking love, sex, and gender.

Subjects of non-finite verbs are in the objective case.

rhhardin said...

Marge Piercy

The moon is always female and so
am I although often in this vale
of razorblades I have wished I could
put on and take off my sex like a dress
and why not? Do men always wear their sex
always? The priest, the doctor, the teacher
all tell us they come to their professions
neuter as clams and the truth is
when I work I am pure as an angel
tiger and clear is my eye and hot
my brain and silent all the whining
grunting piglets of the appetites....

Ann Althouse said...


I see your point, and it looked wrong to me too. Technically, "my" seems more appropriate.

I added "are" to fix it.

rhhardin said...

There's a slight distinction between objective subject and possessive forms but both are grammatical.

The object tends to think of a concrete instance, the possessive an abstract instance, as I reconstruct it at the moment.

I dislike him taking over.

I dislike his taking over.

Bob R said...

I was going to say in the previous thread, but I thought Betamax' posts were too good to add to.

You have the production values down really well. Lighting, background color, camera angle, microphone - all high enough quality to be unnoticeable without seeming posed. (And yes, if we were still living in Madison, I'd have my wife booked with your stylist.)

Glenn could use some work. He's a good speaker, with a good voice, and usually fun to listen to. No need to overdo the Bloggingheads DIY vibe.

Ann Althouse said...

On the video, my side ends up shown in low quality because they can't accommodate the level of definition that I can produce. I need to save it in a lower quality to send it to them.

For my efforts, I get jerks in the comments over there imagining that I'm doing special effects to disguise something about me! Like I'd have all manner of wrinkles and blemishes.

Ron said...

No wrinkles, but it looks like you've got a blonde Dorothy Hamel haircut! For the Olympics, no doubt...

rcocean said...

Interesting DV. Suprised to see Glenn agreeing with you about Bill Clinton, the Press, and what they were ultimately trying to do in the Hill-Thomas affair vs. Clinton-Lewinsky.

I'm glad Glenn stayed calm during your discussion of Hill-Thomas, it looked like he was going to blow-up there. I think he has deep feelings about the whole thing.

rcocean said...

As you state, the main MSM goal is to help Democrats - not fight sexual harassment.

Oso Negro said...

I will wait for the Cliff notes.

William said...

Some post Valentine Day thoughts: The following love affairs were presented to me as exemplary during my lifetime: Dashiell Hammett and Lillian Hellman, Simone DeBeauvoir and Jean Paul Sartre, Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy, and Mia Farrow and Woody Allen. As later events have shown, their affairs were not all that exemplary. If you find yourself alone on Valentine's Day, reflect that there are many who would give up half of their worldly goods to be in your state. Just ask Al Gore.

John Christopher said...

You two have such a nice rapport. I think I have seen all of your diavlogs together.

John Christopher said...

So hilarious that GL had no idea about Althouse + Meade.

John Christopher said...

Glenn dropped a "these people." Warrants mentioning.

Left Bank of the Charles said...

Marrying down, American-style:

Stanford MBA Laurene Powell married college dropout Steve Jobs.

Duke MBA Melinda French married college dropout Bill Gates.

Dr. Priscilla Chan married college dropout Mark Zuckerberg.

And let's not forget the successful corporate lawyer Michelle Robinson who married the equally-educated but under-achieving community organizer Barack Obama.

It follows as an almost mathematical certainty that more above-average people will marry "down" than marry "up."

Attempts to instill societal pressures to avoid this inevitable outcome have almost comical results, like English aristocrats having to marry their cousins so no one suffers a loss of perceived social standing or of high-caste Indians having to purchase husbands for their daughters.

EMD said...

I can't get into video content on a blog. It's more "boring" and also is easier to just read a transcript and react to the written word. Easier to parse the dialog and if needed, quote a chunk here or there as well.

Just my humble opining.

Jeff with one 'f' said...

Boy, some woman on the bloggingheads comment section is really enthusiastic at bagging on electricians, plumbers and the like as being overpaid, undervalued and not really "skilled". And worth far less to society than academics.

They all seem to think Althouse has no experience with working class workers!!!