February 3, 2014

"Joining Republican anti-tax stalwarts like Dave Heineman of Nebraska and Scott Walker of Wisconsin in calling for more tax cuts, for instance, is a Democrat, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York."

Writes the NYT in an article titled "Battles Loom in Many States Over What to Do With Budget Surpluses."
While Republicans are tending to advocate more tax cuts and Democrats are more often pushing to restore spending on education and other programs, the differences between the two camps are not always so stark, with some governors outlining plans that appeal across party lines.
For the record, at his State of the State Address (PDF), Scott Walker said:
Every child, regardless of where they live or what their parents do for a living deserves a chance to have a great education at the public school, charter school, choice school, virtual school, or home school environment right for them. With this in mind, we increased funding for our traditional public schools by $387 million and expanded the choice program for other families across the state.
He may be an "anti-tax stalwart." He did say: "What do you do with a surplus? Give it back to the people who earned it. It's your money." But it's not right to portray him as stinting on education. 


madAsHell said...

unexpectedly robust revenues

There's that word again....unexpectedly.
It must have been a bumper crop on the money tree.

Seeing Red said...

No amount of money will help if you have a principal like Marcella Sills.

Fen said...

"While Republicans are tending to advocate more tax cuts and Democrats are more often pushing to restore funding for the Teachers Unions"


Mark said...

Aren't these projected future revenue?

Seems like it would be prudent not to spend every dime before it rolls in. Also seems prudent to pay down structural debt and not just hand out a hundred bucks to everyone like it's walking around money.

Brennan said...

Democrats are more often pushing to restore spending on education and other programs

The NY Times again lies to its readers over and over.

SGT Ted said...

Fen has it right. Dems want more "education" spending to fund the Union Jobs Program they call "public education".

Seeing Red said...

We'll the minimum wage increase will give most union members raises, so they will need more money because there won't be enough to actually supply material.

traditionalguy said...

The semantics of calling them anti-tax "stalwarts" interests me.

Stalwart men are good things. Has the NYT flipped conservative or is it just a way to soften the fascist approach of New York's Governor?

Stalwart means outstanding strength of body, mind or spirit. Meade is stalwart.

Gabriel Hanna said...

Education has never been "stinted" in this country in my lifetime.

In 1965 we spent $3400 per student on K-12 education. That figure is now over $12000 for the public schools. We are not getting 4 times better results.

rehajm said...

And to top it off, that strong anti-tax stalwart Cuomo isn't even giving the money to liberal causes. Instead he's using the money for corporate welfare!

rehajm said...

That figure is now over $12000 for the public schools. We are not getting 4 times better results.

Now that New York has a true socialist we are required to ignore the findings of Joel Klein, Geoffrey Canada, Michelle Rhee, Bill Gates, etc. The real reason for lack of educational progress is once again a lack of sufficient funding.

n.n said...

There is no one, from libertarian to conservative, and certainly not liberal or progressive, who are "anti-tax". What a ludicrous meme. Decent people do not want to suffer progressive exploitation of their labor without accountability and to compensate for corruption of institutions and individuals.

MD Greene said...

Cuomo wants to run for president. He can't in '16 because of Hillary, so he's burnishing his record for later. New York taxes are quite high, offering plenty of places to look for cuts.

jr565 said...
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jr565 said...

In NY we supposedly have a surplus. And Deblasio wants to do "free K4 education" by raising taxes on the rich. cuomo says we can pay it by using our surplus.
First of all, we need to prioritize spending. And is that even a priority we should spend our money on.
But if so, Cuomo has it right.
Of all the states that the occupy Wall Street are mad at, NY has to be the worst, since that's where Wall Street is.
And dems for the longest have preached the occupy Wall Street lingo then turned around and given breaks to the wall streeters. Since after all, that's New Yorks bread and butter.
Back when it was Clinton chuck Shumer was one of the biggest pushers of deregulating the banks and strengthening Wall Street.
So yes, they are hypocrites.
But now we have an older school democrat (though still steeped in leftism) and an out and out socialist.

Clearly Shumer has the better argument.
But I almost want DeBlasio to win just so I can see NY go through he turmoil of letting a lefty get his way . Then again, since I live here and will therefore suffer the consequences, is that really a smart idea?

n.n said...


We have the most expensive education system in the world, with a product which is not even rated in the top 10.

"Think of the children" sounds more like a threat than a promise.

tim in vermont said...

I think one of the biggest problems with public education is that the generous retirement benefits keep people teaching who, all things being equal, would have left the profession for something they loathed less, years ago.

James Pawlak said...

A prudent person with an income surplus and who is both paying interest on debts and is concerned about future, unexpected, expenses would: Pay of debts and eliminate the costs of "debt service" and put a goodly sum away in a "rainy day fund".
S/he would not give away any funds until those debts were paid and a reasonable slush fund is established.
Wisconsin should do the same!

Seeing Red said...

comparing the PISA tests apples to apples we're doing fine.

I'm Full of Soup said...

These governors are "anti- big spending stalwarts" not anti-tax stalwarts.

There is a big difference though the NYT will never admit it.

B said...

I hate that anti-tax means no new taxes and no higher rates, period. The key should be lowering the overall tax burden and making the tax code better.

Richard Dolan said...

Budget surpluses? Unfortunately, that presumes that you can trust the accounting that supposedly shows the "surplus." The reality is that state and municipal accounting is highly dubious -- the sort of gimmick-laden exercise in inconsistently applied accounting principles that no private entity would even dream of using. It's all designed to make today's pols look good in the short run. As for the long run, the taxpayers are on their own, and are always left holding the bag.

Paul said...


Hahaha. Didn't they just tell us gun and freedom loving anti-abortionist were were not welcome?

NY is chock full of UNIONS that will strangle any business that comes their way.

And most people know it.

Plus to work in NY or NYC and you have a state income tax as well as a city income tax.

Their 'reduce tax' is a shame to get you stuck up there so the UNIONS will keep you in chains.