February 21, 2014

It's Saskia, today in the dog park.

This dog, with mismatched eyes, gets her owner's commands in Russian:


Saskia means "protector of mankind."


YoungHegelian said...

What is it with malamutes & huskies and their mismatched eyes?

Do these two breeds have a genetic disposition to mismatched eyes?

Roger Smith said...

And I see the knucklehead back there with its ball :)

Big Mike said...

I thought Russian was what everybody speaks up in Madison.

Bill said...

"It's Saskia, today in the dog park."

Why did I first think that this was from a variant game of 'Clue'?

jerpod said...

This is my first (and probably only) post on Althouse, but I read the site, sometimes for hours, pretty much daily.

This is regarding the previous post about Clarence Thomas.

Freeman Hunt at 7:55 does what she usually does -- provides pithy, accurate and usually undeniable interpretation to either the post or a comment.

There are a lot of good commenters here, but that Freeman Hunt is something else. She's outstanding.

I wanted to post this in the previous thread, but was worried that it's off-topic (and it is) so it might get deleted. Just felt the need to give Freeman her due.

chickenlittle said...

The minister at my church when I was a kid had one brown and one blue eye.

EDH said...

When I first saw this picture, I feared the familiar "teacher seduces her much younger student" story had reached a ridiculous new low.

The Cracker Emcee said...

"Get's her owner's commands in Russian"

Like Obama?

rcommal said...

One of our rescued dogs has so-called mismatched eyes. Each eye is beautiful, but together they are so interesting and lovely. It's hard to describe.

Ann Althouse said...

@jerpod Thanks. I agree.

(And I fixed your double post problem, even though leaving it up would have been funny, given you "first (and probably only)" remark.

Thanks for reading for hours!