February 4, 2014

"Information wants to be shared... Privacy must be overcome... Control is the new privacy...."

3 principles of Mark Zuckerberg's theory of privacy are discerned in this Washington Post article written by an Information Studies professor.

The second principle — as stated by the professor — looks ominous, but it's just badly written. It does not mean that Zuckerberg has a mission to overcome our privacy. It means that the default settings at Facebook should favor privacy, and that privacy must be overcome by the action of the website's users.


madAsHell said...

He forgot....
Taxation is wealth.
Property is theft.
War is peace.

Scott said...

"Information wants to be shared."

Did it want to be anthropomorphized?

Anonymous said...

Only fools would expect privacy on the web, especially on sites that are controlled by somebody else.

Anonymous said...

I still say it's a subtle attack on the very idea of privacy:

P1. Default settings at Facebook favor privacy.

P2. Facebook default settings are always wrong.

C. Favoring privacy is wrong.

Strelnikov said...

Everyone here should read "The Circle" by Dave Eggers to see where this philosophy is headed.