February 25, 2014

At the Wide Open Café...

... a dogged sense of purpose propels us horizontally. Goals achieved, rejoice:

Wind at your back or wind in your face, experience The Now.


garage mahal said...

Dreaming of warmer weather.

Nice boat-side muskies on figure eights.

Hagar said...

is an even older and holier grail than universal healthcare for the intellectual left, so the only wonder here is what took them so long.

But this is one hell of a time to announce it. I can't remember a time with so many places around the world getting set to explode at once.

Curious George said...

"garage mahal said...
Dreaming of warmer weather.

Nice boat-side muskies on figure eights."

I closed my place down up north because of the propane costs, so I haven't even ice fished!

lemondog said...

Don't mess with a Tough Chihuahua

Bob Ellison said...

What is the name for the mental disease that causes the patient to post pointless blog comments?

Is it related to Narcissism? Or can I get credit as a textbook case?

How can we monetize this?

Hagar said...

It is a wide open cafe, so here is another one.

On the Arizona law thing, I notice that the TV newscasters do not quote us exactly what the text of the proposed legislation is; it is just all over the top barrage about how every business in Arizona will be free to discriminate against the LBGT "community" if the governor signs this bill, and I kind of doubt that the bill actually is that broad.

If it was carefully drafted, such that it only applied to businesses that has a creative side and in some way requires the active participation in the proceedings by the business person, such as indeed being the photographer at non-conventional weddings, or baking a special cake with figurines and inscriptions, etc., would that be so unreasonable?

And it does not need to be just about sexual matters; there are, f. ex., religions around the world that might have ceremonies that would be deeply un-acceptable to devout persons of other faiths.
This need not be a one-way street; it could work the other way around too, you know.

Hagar said...

How about legal representation?
Should a law firm be obliged to represent the first person who request their assistance?
I think I can imagine a scenario where the real purpose would be to prevent the firm from representing the other side of the dispute for some reason. What then?

How about engineering?
I don't like and don't trust you. Maybe I disapprove of your project for environmental reasons, or something. Or I am just plain busy and have all the work I care to have at the time.
Should I be obliged to take you on as a client?

LarryK said...

This is awesome - I want that goals achieved, rejoice pic as a screen saver