February 6, 2014

At the Stand-Up Desk Café...

... we're keeping warm.

(By the way, if you're enjoying the blog this morning — on any other morning — consider sleepwalking over into Amazon through the Althouse Portal and buying yourself a proper pair of pants or whatever else it may be that you have — wittingly or unwittingly — gone without.)


Naked Surfer said...

Thank God we don’t see the underwear.

I could not have my personal relationship with Jesus last night because the man in his underwear appeared in my dreams singing, “I am you and you are me.” It was only a stand-up routine, but it was hard to tell just who was the owner of this dream. My mitochondrial DNA went into lunar hysterics.

Was easy to get rid of him (or, us) though. “Hello, Goodbye” was always number 1.

Ignorance is Bliss said...

At the Stand-Up Desk Café...

...stand up for what is write.

lemondog said...

Three Sisters

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

Naked Surfer said...
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Unknown said...

"We are all human!" does not justify White GENOCIDE
"We all bleed red!" does not justify White GENOCIDE

"Because of history " does not justify White GENOCIDE

"For the economy" does not justify White GENOCIDE

"A shortage of doctors" does not justify White GENOCIDE

"Race is a social construct!" does not justify White GENOCIDE

"We are all from Africa!" does not justify White GENOCIDE

Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

Freeman Hunt said...

Is David doing a commenting form of live action role playing where he's pretending to live in an alternate reality dystopia that includes the genocide of white people?

Revenant said...

If you think his comments are wildly inappropriate HERE, try clicking on his name to view his Google account.

Apparently he's been posting the same unhinged rant on every YouTube Family Guy clip he can find, too. Weirdness abounds.

The Cracker Emcee Refulgent said...


Great story. Some older dogs can be almost unbearably sweet. And some can be meaner than hell. Also true of older nuns in my parochial school experience.

traditionalguy said...

The silly Ted Cruz actually wanted to compromise with Obama and enact a one year extension for the "illegal Health Insurance policies" the law cancelled.

King Obama scorned Cruz and Congress and instead orderedthr Health Insurance industry to break the law because he would not enforce it.

That eased the outcry of a broken Obamacare Exchange website. It worked so well that Obama is planning to issue that same order until after the 2014 elections, and why not, until after the 2016 elections. That will hide away the triple rate increases and quadrupled deductibles, and the Insurance Industry has a Federal slush fund to make up for their loses.

Kings are so much more efficient than a Representative Republic of laws.

Titus said...

Today at work I learned about this:

maxb,x Wt = U(bt, xt, St; Ht) +βΣsδs˙U(bt+s, xt+s, St+s; Ht+s).


MadisonMan said...

So I never really listen to CNN -- but I'm in an airport and it's on. And it's all Russia-bashing, essentially, and anti-Olympics. All this chatter on CNN about the latest threat.

This is all part of Security Theater: The Russian Edition.

One might ask why these potential threats on airplanes flying to the games is so very very newsworthy.

Maybe it's all normal. The things I miss by not having cable.

Scott said...

Speaking of underwear, this disturbing new feminist trend came up on my radar this afternoon.

Maybe this is the female equivalent of free balling. Hey guys, would you date a free bleeder?

Anonymous said...

Althouse Commented Earlier in One of Her Posts:

"The women's petition could be read as another guerrilla tactic in the feminist war on men.

You are so defeated you can't even lift your head to see it.

You're crumpled over there in the corner tittering at the ladies as if they are weak. But these weaklings defeated you long ago.

Will you ever wake up and notice? You ARE sleepwalkers! In your saggy panties."

If This Description Were To Be a Character in a Film, Would Not One of the Best Choices to Play Such a Role Have Been Philip Seymour Hoffman? After All, This Skirts (Yes, Skirts) His Performance in "Happiness."

Defeated, Hang-Dog, a Schlub in Sagging Underwear: How Can This NOT Be Hoffman? Would This Character Be the Philip Seymour Hoffman Action Figure?

In Line with My Belief in Althouse Conspiracy Theory (i.e., in Althouse Nothing is a Coincidence) is This Not a Connection She is Hoping to Infer Through Her Posts? Was His Inner Self Naked But for Underwear in Public: A Celebrated Actor Who Played many Roles of the Quintessential Beta Male? Who Won an Oscar for Lisping as Capote? An Actor Who -- Having Played Such Roles So Well, and Having Received Such Glamorous Accolades For Doing So -- Ends Up Dead with a Needle in His Arm: Were His Portrayals So Close to the Bone as to Cause the Addict's Self-Hatred that Led to His Demise?

Posit This: Philip Seymour Hoffman was a Victim of the Modern Feminized World, Celebrated For Being So Effective at Being Less Than a Man that His Own Male Psyche was Defeated, the Defeat Only Temporarily Numbed by Heroin*.

According to Althouse Conspiracy Theory THIS is the Conversation Althouse Wanted.

(*Note that I am Not Saying That All Deaths by Heroin are the Sign of Male Inadequacy: if Keith Richards were to Die of an Overdose the General Consensus would Be He Had it Coming, But a Good Run'; Hoffman on the Other Hand, 'Poor Fat Bastard.')

Anonymous said...

Sorry Althouse, if I Already Encapsulated Your Next Post.

Edmund said...
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Edmund said...

Just finished a 3 day trial as a juror in felony court for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon of a family member. No winners here - a broken family, a battered wife, two boys who saw the assault, a father that's now a 3 time felon.

Anonymous said...

More Althouse Conspiracy Theory:

The Post Title "Statue of a pathetically vulnerable man somehow "triggers" female fears of victimization" Harmonizes with the Posts on Woody Allen.

rcommal said...

More than a century ago, there were folks who opposed mandatory public education because that might encourage undue individualism. Now, there are folks who oppose mandatory public education because that might encourage undue conformity.

Helluva thing, innit and ain't it, what a single, brief century can manage to do.

rcommal said...

As for the weird-ass masculinity debates that have taken place on this blog recently, all I can say is that yesterday when snow-ice-rain-temp-wind brought evergreen trees and branches from trees on our property across the road, nobody had to wait, dithering, for a solution. Nor did they have to wait in line for hired tree services. My husband went out in the freezing rain & etc. with a chain saw and addressed the issue. Took care of it. And his 75-year-old father (who lives across the street) helped him drag the last, cut-up branches. We insisted that he did not help earlier, or he would have. (Partly why we chose to buy a house across a street from my in-laws.)

rcommal said...

72. Not 75. But I don't think that takes anything away from the point, at all, at all.

rcommal said...

Betamax, Over Time, Unfortunately, You Have Demonstrated Why VHS Lost To DVD, For Example. Make No Mistake: I Am Not Happy About That, But So It Is And So It Goes.