January 29, 2014

"Three neologisms by @DavidLat that I've defined for Black's Law Dictionary (10/e): 'bench-slap,' 'judicial diva,' and 'litigatrix.'"

Tweets Bryan A. Garner. (And David Lat responds: "I can die now; my life's mission is complete!")


SomeoneHasToSayIt said...

Now there are no longer zero comments on this thread.

AustinRoth said...

The number of comments is no longer binary on this thread.

SomeoneHasToSayIt said...

This comment makes two in a row that are both prime numbers.

Top that.

traditionalguy said...

Can you use all three in one sentence, children.

"A sexy litigatrix is bench slapped by a Judicial Diva." That happens every day in Fulton County State Court.

SomeoneHasToSayIt said...

A curvy young lawyer named Beatrix,
Had pulled off a number of legal tricks
Till a judicial diva
Fortified with tequila
Bench slapped our poor little litigatrix


From Inwood said...